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Monday, May 30, 2011

Success Doesn't Just Happen, Does It?

I have spent my life working toward one goal or another and I suppose each one achieved is a success.  I taught my children all about goal setting because it has always kept me moving forward.  I am a retired hairdresser and my career success was pretty much a given.  Why?  Because from the day I stepped into my first salon job I never had to go to work again.  I love everything about being a hairdresser.So my career was a success, though it didn't make me a millionaire. I only retired because now I want more ME time.  More time with my Momma, my house, my writing, my kids & my grandbabies, my husband and well the list goes on and on because I have TIME now. That wasn't a goal, it was releasing myself from needing goals. This, too, was a success.  I love having time to live my life under my own terms. I still over plan most days and don't finish everything I wanted to finish, but now I have tomorrow.  Having tomorrow is a success.

I never made a ton of money and I never invested properly or wisely enough to live out my retirement in the lap of luxury, but the bills are still being paid, so far.  We still have food and a little cash here and there, so I guess that is a success.  My husband will be retiring at the end of this year, he says, and then we'll see how successful I find this to be!  I may start looking for a job as soon as he spends his first month off the job.  The success of this remains to be determined!  :)

It's not a matter of how much you have, what you do, where you live that makes you a success.  It doesn't matter if you have one friend or fifty, neither makes you a success.  Your success, my success is all about who we are.

The goal I set for myself every day now is pretty basic. I get up, remind myself what day it is, go directly to the coffee pot and enjoy a cup while I 'plan' my day. But my goal is simply to be just a little bit better person than I was yesterday.  On the days that happens, I have succeeded.

Like most of the people I know, I am a work in progress and success is achieved in baby steps.  I think just living each day allowing God's plan to work for me maybe just brings successes I didn't even know I wanted.

Maybe success CAN just happen.



  1. I am sooooooo looking forward to the day when I can retire. Ask Gary, I give him a virtual crack upside the head once a week when he wishes me a "Happy Monday!" ;O)

    Nice take on this week's topic. Everyday successes are what keeps us moving onward and upward!

  2. Thanx Beth...I eat all my ugly bull frogs one bite at a time. Retirement will come when you're ready.

  3. This is perfect--my favorite so far because that is exactly how I tend to think--I can only do better today than I did yesterday. I live and learn...and I hope that continues until I'm old and grey! LOL!

    Great blog!

  4. Nice post. I agree, we are who we decide to be and that is how we should measure our success, on a personal basis.

  5. I like this blog. Very insightful.

  6. I can't wait until my Dad retires we might open up our own little restaurant. It'll be so much fun! Great blog! :)


  7. Lucky! It's great that you are able to enjoy your retirement. I doubt there will be one in my future, distant or otherwise...I still dream about it once and a while though.

  8. I love the upbeat tone of your blog. Your life sounds almost idyllic – and you sound very wise – no matter how old we get, we are always a work in progress.


  9. Great post!! I loved it. I think the fact that you were able to retire is a success in itself!! One day at a time, that is all we have, nothing less nothing more...great post!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  10. @Marian...yep, baby steps. :)

    @Mojo...who we decide to be is exactly who we are, right? Each choice we make in life is part and parcel of who we become.

    @Diana...Thank you.

    @Kate...It sounds awesome! Hope it works out. :)

    @Dances with Vodka...I am loving it and know that if need be, I could go back to doing hair and be just fine with that as well.

    @Theresa Wiza...don't know how wise and my life is not perfection, it's life. There are good days and not such good ones, but each day that I can, I choose to be happy.

    @Jenn...Thank you and I totally agree. :)

  11. Jo, you and I have been friends for more years than either of us care to remember and I agree that you are a definite success. You have a great husband, many friends and you continue to improve your outlook on life! Enjoy retirement. I do!!

    By the way, Happy Monday on Tuesday Bethie!!!

  12. @Gary...Like all things in life, I don't know if my retirement is from this day forward or just right now, but either way, I am loving it! :)
    Thanks for always letting me know what's on your mind and reading what's on mine.

  13. Great post! Sounds like you are on the road to success to me!


  14. "But my goal is simply to be just a little bit better person than I was yesterday."

    That is an awesome and great goal! You definitely understand success.


  15. @Kathy29156...Thanks for stopping by! Please come again. :)

    @JulieDD...Thank you, like most, I have good days and days! lol :)

  16. I know how heading towards retirement goes. My career went fairly well for a while, but I never had enough to be able to put anything away for retirement. Now I am only 10 years away from retirement, I am worried about losing my job before I am ready to retire, and what will happen if I don't manage to earn enough online to help supplement things for when I do.

  17. knowing you can't buy are SO RIGHT! : ) great post! My husband just retired and then went and started a lil side business..he is having a BALL..i want mine!! : )

  18. @ Tony...Giving up your job is kinda scary, but we tried to plan things out as best we could. Of course, no one counted on the financial crash we are all involved in now and we had hoped our home would be a good investment which we could cash out. You know how that worked out! We will just be living a little smaller than we thought.

    @Brenda...We only have the moment......

  19. If you're getting your bills paid, that's success. A lot of people go back to work after husband's retire because having these bored guys around the house drives them crazy. ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I'm following you too.


  20. I totally agree with your views on success. My parents are kind of in your shoes, and I view them as successful. They were never rich, always frugal, wise with their money, and good to us. We paid our own ways through college but they chipped in for the weddings. I'm grateful for both! I believe God is rewarding them for being good, honest, loving people. He'll do the same for you too!

  21. Success DOES happen! Look at all of us at GBE2!

  22. I am (and always will be) a work in progress. Great post!

  23. @Joyce...The retired man hanging around my house is exactly why I may be returning to work next Spring! lol
    @Maggie...We are always counting on God to see us through. The future is what He lays out for us.
    @Claudia...LOL exactly!
    @Langley...I think when the work is done and we are perfect, we are also ready to go home.
    Thank you all for taking time to post...I love reading your comments.

  24. Great post and I love your daily goal. I think is quite similar to mine, I try to live like that, day by day.

    I am glad I stopped by...

  25. @Vanessa...I'm glad you stopped by also! Please come again. :)

  26. Shalom! :-) A good hairdresser is actually an artist.

  27. @Eccentricity...Thank you and an artist is exactly the beginning of hairdressing, then comes the therapist part! LOL

    @Word Nerd...I just now saw this! THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!!! I am honored and humbled. C:


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