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Friday, July 15, 2011

Itchi Bon Downtown Bakery

When my husband I first married we lived 1 block from a wonderful small town bakery called Itchi Bon Downtown Bakery.  The owner's wife was oriental (not sure where she was from exactly) and she had named their bakery "Good Buns"=Itchi Bon.

Every Sunday morning before I woke up, my early riser man would trot up to the bakery and buy me 2 peanut butter donuts.  They were actually rolls like cinnamon rolls, but with peanut butter cream in them and peanut butter frosting on top.  I loved them and loved that he did this for me.  That's romance to this simple woman.

As the years passed, the owner's changed and the donuts changed and the peanut butter to die for rolls went away. (sorry, time out for tear wiping).  Okay now.  One block in the other direction was a small grocery store which had all your basic needs and had been owned by the same family (father to son) for as long as I had been around. You could buy just about everything you needed for weekly grocery shopping, but maybe not the size or the brand you were looking for.  It was very convenient and very friendly and they carried your groceries to your car, if you drove there.  They still do that, by the way.  I still shop there.

As times changed the store needed to grow and offer more to be competitive and added a fantastic bakery!  They were making peanut butter donuts!  My adorable man spotted them the very first day the bakery opened and said nothing to me.  The following Sunday morning I awoke to 2 fantasticly huge peanut butter frosted peanut butter cream filled rolls on my kitchen counter right next to the freshly brewed (because he had already emptied one pot and he knows never to allow me to wake up coffee-less) coffee.

So to those who wonder how two people as different as he and I are have stayed together all these years, it has a lot to do with peanut butter donuts!  And that he wanted me to be happy.

I no longer want or get them on Sunday mornings.  The hips and belly are not in need of that big calorie and fat load at this age, but I know that if I mentioned to him how much I loved them, he would drive the 2 miles it would take now to get them for me.  Yep, that is romance.  And that is why 29 years of wedded bliss is still on-going. I'm a lucky girl.



  1. Yes, you are a very lucky woman but Mike is also a very lucky man. BTW, I love those peanut butter creme covered rolls too!!

  2. IKR? I have declared them illegal in my house! lmbo. Thanks Gary, everyone needs a Gary in their life. Another reason I am lucky! mwwa

  3. Awwwww. It's nice to know that sometimes they stay sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love = a peanut butter donut on Sunday morning (and the man who buys them, of course).

  5. I've never even heard of a peanut butter roll, much less tasted one. But your husband being willing to get them for you is wonderful, even if you no longer can afford the calories. (I had to give up maple-iced donuts. Sob.)

  6. Awww, this was wonderful! You've got a great guy there, for sure. :O)

  7. What a wonderful guy!! I would say he is a keeper! :D

  8. @The Host...It is a good thing! Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

    @Paula...I know! It's all about the thought and the follow through. Thank you for taking time to read and share.

    @Angela...You should try one, but then again you might get hooked! lol Thank you for your thoughts and your time.

    @Bethie...I believe I do and he is quite well trained in most areas! lol Thanks for sharing.

    @Kathy...I am keeping him for now anyway. As long as he continues to try to keep this old grumpy woman happy, it's all worth it. :) I appreciate you taking time to read and comment.

  9. You are for sure a very lucky girl! Who needs diamonds or chocolate, right??? ;-)

  10. You are fortunate indeed---to have a husband so thoughtful. I'm not huge on peanut butter but I love a cinnamon glazed doughnuts!!

  11. talk about a sweet story hehe and then this (sorry, time out for tear wiping). LOL oh i adore you!! this was precious...just like YOU! never had a peanut butter doughnut..but if i ever do see one i will definitely THINK OF YOU !! MUAH~

  12. SJerZGirl...I also love diamonds and chocolate! He had bought and given his share of each of those over the nearly 30 years, as well. LOL

    Jenn...Thanks for stopping by & I know how lucky I am. It took a while to find him, but he's a keeper.

    Brenda...I adore you 2! C: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and enjoy it if you ever stumbled across one of those delish sinful things! LOL

  13. Well, peanut butter is sticky, isn't it?


  14. You ARE a lucky girl. That's totally romantic... and sweet. *groan*

  15. What a sweet story! I never had a peanut butter roll, but now it's on my bucket list. I will eat one before I die...even if I have to make them myself! The husband part of your story is pretty good too. ;-)

  16. is and apparently it makes me stick to my keeper.

    Langley...every once in a while, I feel like I need to be reminded of those days. he he he

    Darlene...Bakery stories are sweet by nature, no? IF you ever run across a big old peanut butter donut, you should grab it and savour every bite! The husband part, not so easy to run across, but worth picking up, if you see one in your travels.



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