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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mommy Reflections

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Sitting here, alone right now, after a few days with my daughter.  She seldom is here alone and this time was a business trip which allowed her to headquarter at my house.  How lucky am I?  We had some time each day to just talk and laugh and be mom and daughter.  That is a rare thing, very rare.  I love it each and every time it happens.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy the family visits!  Time with my granddaughters is so precious to me.  Living 10 hours apart means at the very least, a 3 day trip to have that special time and it just can't happen often enough for me.  I feel like I miss so much of their lives as they are growing and yet somehow, we remain close and cherish our visits. I have grown now to love my daughter's fiance and will soon have even more grand children to love!  Okay, I don't have to wait to love, but ... well, you know.  All of them are such an important and wonderful part of my life that I cannot imagine not having any of them.  AND next week-end there is a wedding, adding another one to love! I really enjoy spending time getting to know each and hearing about their lives when I get a chance to go hang with them.

However, being one on one with my little girl is such a blessing for a lot of reasons that I feel like it's a gift from her to me every time it occurs.  She is all mine for that little window and I am all hers.  It doesn't matter if we are remembering, planning, sharing or just being silly.  It only matters that it is just us.  Although we do talk on the phone, it's not the same as being with her.  Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  I know I love this girl and I miss having her around me.  I know that she is a unique and incredible woman and I know that I am so blessed that she calls me "Mom" and still loves me after all the stress of being raised by me!  C:

Yep, life goes on and we all change with time.  We all grow and develop into whomever we are determined to be, but one thing we remain for all of our lives, we are the child of someone.

I gave birth to two babies and inherited two more half growns when I married Mike.  They will forever be children in my heart.  As, I am sure, I am a child in my Momma's heart.  I love to see them as adults and think of them as my friends, but still, children in my heart.  Always 'needing' to hear my opinion, even though I know they don't "need' it, I want to think they do.

Thinking about this is just another part of the reflective moments mommies of all ages have every now and then.  I just know that of all the things I have done in my life, my children are my most impressive accomplishment.  Good on me!  Of course, the best part of raising great kids is that they then give you the most fantastic grandchildren anyone could ask for...and mine have done that in spades!   Love being the MOM and love being the GRANDMA maybe just a little bit more! (Shhhh, don't tell the grown-up kids.)

Jayne & Grandma

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  1. Ah, this was sweet. That one-on-one time is just so precious. And you sure can see the resemblance between the women in your family! Wow!

    By the way, I think you've given me the inspiration for my blog today! We seem to do that a lot, you and I! :O)

  2. Bethie...apparently there are mutual muses! lol I love that we can do that and I always enjoy your writings, every single time! Thanks for taking time to read and comment, it really makes me 8<] .

  3. Re: The children will always be babies to you--When I was 46 years old, my mother questioned me closely about how well I was dressing when my work took me out of the office and into the near-zero, windy weather. At the time, I was amused that my mother still worried about her middle-aged daughter. Now my daughters are middle-aged....

  4. Angela...I hear ya! I kinda like it this way, though. thx for visiting & commenting. <3

  5. What a lovely write! I came here to read one thing and found this jewel! Thanks for sharing. I am in the same place...except I'm just now embarking on grandparenthood! My daughter will have her baby in March. Her first! This made me smile and reflect on how lovely our time is together...when we get to have some! Great job!

  6. Taina...I am glad you liked it. Being a mom and a grandma is just the best thing I can imagine. Thank you for stopping and taking time to comment, it makes me so happy!

  7. Hey Been wondering where you were! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I'm really glad you liked it. C-:


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