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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writers Write

Thinking about why so many of us write.  Wondering if all of us have the same wildly out of control thoughts that just have to be written someplace, even if no one ever sees them, other than the writer.  Some days those thoughts take over my very existence by making me unable to move past them.  Unable to function until they are on paper (or my screen) anywhere except trapped inside my head.  It might be a fictional story that must be written.  It might be an emotion that needs to be explained or explored. It might be something in my past, present or future that needs sorting out.  There are no requirements other than IT MUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Several years ago a very good friend of mine told me in response to my inability to make myself write the next chapter of my then barely started book, "Writers WRITE.  So if you are a writer, sit down and write something.  A sentence, a word or the rest of the book.  Write something.  Everyday.  Clear your head because that is the only way you can get on with your life."

I don't think I have been given better advice ever in my life as far as helping me keep my sanity and keeping me on the path to living in the NOW while striving to just BE who I believe I was meant to be.  He didn't know, I don't think, how inspirational he was to me.  He just knew that I needed to write and he encouraged me by telling me over and over again that people would enjoy perusing the inside of my brain.  He assured me that what I was writing was worth reading to others.  Although at that time, I didn't think I cared if anyone ever read my work, I thought I was writing just for my own mental health.  I now understand that sharing my wandering mind thoughts is really important to the process.

This man also told me, "Writers write and Authors get published.  That's the only difference."  He was internationally published and wrote every day of his much too short and much too painful life.  He made me a writer.  I have written most of my life, but not until I knew Ed Dodge did I become a writer.  He inspired and admired me.  He was my friend and my mentor.  He taught me much about  focus and purpose and he left this earth far too soon.  I am missing him today, as everyday, but today he is filling my head and I HAD TO SHARE.

Think I will go read some of his work now.  I will always have that piece of him to hold.

I hope everyone who takes the time to read this particular blog has someone in their past, present or future that can do for you what this extraordinary man did for this very average, very run of the mill woman.

On my mind and still holding a piece of my heart...George Edward Dodge.



  1. I agree with your thoughts on Ed. His book,"Dau" was a great read that helped me understand a lot of my own feelings about Viet Nam.

    Great read Jo. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You have inspired me to start writing. I have been trying most of my life but have been so full of excuses and of course I procrastinate to the nine...........
    thanks Joe

    Jeanne Beltinck

  3. @Gary...He was an amazing man with incredible instinct and guilt for his war crimes. He felt they were crimes, of course, he was doing his job as ordered. You know that because you read Dau. He spent most of his post-war days in some state of mental disorder or another and now that he has gone to his reward, I can rest easy knowing God loved him so much more than he could ever imagine. Many of us left behind felt the same.
    I am happy to hear he helped you sort out your own feelings about Nam. It is beyond my comprehension what you all went through but I thank you and honor you and love you.

    Jeanne...It would be a wonderful thing if I could inspire one more person as I was inspired! So Thank you and stop procrastinating. We only have NOW.
    May I add you to our group?
    You will meet so many wonderfully supportive writers here.

  4. "Anyone who can Handle a needle convincingly can make us see a thread which is not there." E.H. Gombrich
    ....what a thoughtful and inspiational entry!

  5. grains of sand...Thank you so much. That is an amazingly thoughtful and totally appreciated comment. You have made my day! C:
    Please visit me again! lol

  6. I'm so glad that you were inspired to write..and to share. I absolutely love reading your words.

    And I agree that writing every day is the way to go. It's a gift we give ourselves, and we are deserving of it.

  7. Thanks so much. I am glad, too, for many reasons and YOU are one of them. Did you see the E.H. Gombrich quote above from Marc? I just keep reading it over and over. It might be my new favorite quote!

    "Anyone who can Handle a needle convincingly can make us see a thread which is not there." E.H. Gombrich

  8. Liked this so much I posted it to my FB wall - where it will also post to Twitter. Rock on, tribemate!

  9. Beverly...thank you so much. I appreciate that you enjoyed it and shared it. You are a great tribemate! :)

  10. You're friend was so very right. Don't we all sit down at the keyboard occasionally and have no idea what we are going to say until we begin typing? The beginning seems to let the mind work and creativity flow. Thank you.

    b+ (
    twitter: barbblogtwoits

    1. Yes, Barbara I believe that's true. Many of my favorite pieces came as my fingers found the keys one word or thought at a time.
      Thank you for visiting this very old blog! ♥

  11. What a good friend. I bet he smiles when you remember him.

    1. If he does, Donna, he smiles a great deal!
      Thank you for commenting on these words I wrote so long ago and still feel in my heart every single day.


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