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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hall-o-ween What to Wear?

Over the years I have seen some crazy and outlandish costumes and I have worn a couple myself.  All of the employees in our salon would dress-up each year, making sure we could work in what we were wearing.  

I was a nurse, well endowed and comfy shoes.  I was Dolly Parton, well endowed and 4 inch heels. I was a witch, nope not this one. I was a hooker, well endowed and 4 inch heels.  I was a bag lady, very over weight and wearing 2 pair of socks.  (I loved that one! Talk about your comfortable costume!)  I was a clown, not comfortable and not well endowed.  There were others, but my favorite was the year I decided to be a man.

Yes, I said a man.  A yuppie, in fact.  I had short hair, so I gelled it back in a slicked kind of Wall Street style; scrubbed my face and then applied a small amount of darker foundation to the 'beard' area.  I used ace bandage to 'remove' my own natural endowment. I wore a black suit, a white shirt and tie, loosened at the neck slightly and red in color.  The power tie, relaxed.  I wore black socks and black tie 'boy' style shoes. I wore black large rimmed glasses and lowered my voice, which is already a low register.  I kept my voice soft all day.  I am not a soft speaker, in my real life.  My nails are usually long and painted.  I removed the paint and cut them man-style.  I wore zero jewelry.

Not one single person recognized me as I went through my day.  Not even my co-workers until I spoke.  (In my own voice to tell them I didn't need to sign in, I didn't have an appointment.) The woman at the bank refused to give my our bank bags because she said I wasn't on the list.  I picked the bags up Monday through Friday each week.  I was speaking to her.  It was so much fun.  Absolutely the most fun day at work in costume that I can remember.  And the simplest costume.

Oh, and no giant bah-boom-bahs to work around all day or accidentally smack my clients in the head with as I cut, combed or styled their hair.  Not to mention the eyes I poked while shampooing!

Ah...and not a single picture from that Halloween.  I have no clue why not.  

Memories.  he he he he



  1. Incognito is so much fun! Great laughs.

  2. That was great! My favorite costume was a playboy bunny. My husband wasn't very happy about my choice, but all his friends were. LOL

  3. Great story, Jo - and amazing that no-one recognised you. I'm sure I couldn't carry that off like you obviously did!

  4. Wish I could have seen you that day. What a riot you must have had.........a fun read Jo.

  5. Leigh...It was fun!

    Darlene...A playboy bunny? I haven't done that and now perhaps my time has passed for that one. My husband would LOVE it, but I don't think I could leave the house. ha ha ha

    Paula...Thanks and it was just so much fun to not be me for a day!

    Jeanne...I was not particularly handsome, but I always thought my son resembles me and I expected to be really hot! NOT what happened. Oh well.

    Thanks all for stopping by and sharing! I really love when you go that!

  6. My favorite was as a bridesmaid second to that I loved being a call center attendant. I wore a headset all night and button on my sweater vest.

  7. Frizzy Hooker...that must have been hilarious! I think some of the call center ppl I've dealt with are indeed at parties! LOL

  8. Halloween is such fun!! What a hoot that no one recognized you and what a pity that there is no lingering evidence in the form of pictures!


  9. Oh, it was fun and I am really surprised not to find any photo of the day. I almost always remember to snap a few. Apparently my male side isn't into pics! lol


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