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Monday, September 26, 2011


This weeks prompt from GBE2 is "Judgment"  so here's my take.

Judgment is not supposed to be for us to dole out.  It is for God and God alone to judge our lives, our choices, our actions.  That is how it is supposed to be and I try not to judge others.  I try, but there are times I find myself decidedly judging people for their live style or their choices.  I really fight with myself about doing so because I don't want to be judged through someone else's eyes.  Do unto know that one, right?  Judge not that ye be judged, right?  

The people I find myself judging are those who injure a child or neglect a child or those who cause pain to others just because they can.  I find myself discounting people who operate in a world where their wants and needs are more important than the wants and needs of someone else.  Selfishness is very hard for me to accept without judgment.  What kind of person deliberately causes pain and harm to another human, let alone a child, and somehow feels that it's okay because they wanted to, what?  What did they want to accomplish that in their mind makes it okay to damage another human to satisfy or advance themselves?  Or gain something they want or need.  It's very difficult for me to NOT judge these people as evil and a waste of our good air;  but I tell myself, "my job is to forgive them," if they have caused pain to me or mine, and pray for them.  If I have just read about them or the news told me of them, I just need to pray for them, not to judge them.  It's a process for me.

I also find myself judging people who use others.  I know in this life, at least, we cannot use others to their detriment and our gain without paying for that in one way or another at some point.  My grandmother told me when I was a little one that I should never try to get even with people because God's revenge is so much better than mine.  I believe that.  God evens things out in ways we would never think of on our own. I do remember that when I see a 'user' in action whether they are trying to use me or someone else, but I fight the urge to judge them as pitiful.  Instead, I need to just pray that someday they will see what they have done and repent.  Not something I easily believe will happen, but one can hope.

Otherwise, in my own life, I find judging unnecessary.  I love the diversity of human beings.  I embrace the idea that the world is filled with people who are so different than I and each of them make our world a happier and more productive place to live.  I love that we are all individually shaped into whatever we have become from whatever template God chose for each of us.  What we do with that template is so interesting and exciting. I love how people change because of their circumstances and their choices.  We become who we are because of where we've been and how we chose to handle each situation.  That is not to be judged, but admired.

It is NOT for us to judge, lest we be judged.  It is, however, for us to distance ourselves from those who cause harm, while we pray for their salvation.  It is a world which contains harmful and evil actions by people who chose that path.  It is also a world which contains saviors and friends and angels whom we may choose to keep close.  

I choose to seek those people out and hold them very close.   

:)  Jo


  1. IT IS WHAT IT IS and you write it very nicely. Thanks Jo

  2. There's a fine line between judging others you deem a waste of our good air....and calling them out on what they are doing to deserve that judgement. People who inflict pain and abuse on others need to be called out, and yes judged. Just sayin'.

  3. I'm like you, I try not to judge others, but sometimes it just pops into my head. On the other hand, I do frequently judge myself to see if I'm living the way I should be living.

  4. Great post--I try not to judge--but this doesn't mean I won't use a bit of discernment when necessary. While I may not judge someone if I have not walked in their shoes--I will use discernment when necessary to protect myself or my loved ones. It is a fine line as well. Very thought provoking post!! Cheers, Jenn.

  5. Jeanne...thanks! And life is exactly is what it what do I do with it? :)

    Steven...I know what you're saying and I get that as far as it goes, but I'm just saying it isn't my job to be their judge, not so say I wouldn't tell them that their ACTIONS were unacceptable, but that doesn't say THEY are unacceptable.

    Angie...I believe we all base our opinions and therefore, our judgements on our own life that means, we have to judge ourselves as well.

    Jenn...I see a big difference between judging and be discerning. I can not want someone in my life, but still not judge them a waste or evil. Just not right or good for my life.

    And thanks all for taking the time to read and then post! It makes me feel judged in a good way! he he :)

  6. Again, you defined my thoughts and inner struggles so well. I found this little saying about 25 years ago at a garage sale. It is framed and hangs in a prominent place in my home to remind me. It reads, "There is so much bad in the best of us. And so much good in the worst of us, that it hardly behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us." Velda

  7. I love that saying. It's a great reminder of what we should all know already. Thank you again for taking time to share your thoughts and read my ramblings.
    I <3 you.

  8. I'm very much a 'live and let live' person. Like has been said a few times above, though, there are times when someone's behavior demands that others stand up to put a halt to hurtful or deceptive actions. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own choices, but it is also important, as a human being, to choose to speak out against cruelty and injustice when we witness it.

  9. Beth...I agree, but as I said, I will judge the deed not the doer.

  10. The problem with not judging is that sometimes you must judge in order to understand which side of a dilemma you chose to be on...and how best to learn from it...I try not to, but I am judgmental...mean old fart! Please don't hold me accountable for things I have done in the past...I have tried to learn! :) Nicely done, as usual.

  11. You and I are indeed on the same page on this one. Wonderful post!


  12. Leigh...I have said many times that I see a difference in judging people and judging whether or not they fit into my life. Judging things is also far different than judging people. I am not judgmental of people, of what they DO, yes, I am judgmental of the deed.
    Thanks again for stopping by...and commenting.

    Kathy...we share a lot of values, I believe. :)
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Impressive! Undoubtedly, you have learned and live with a very valuable lesson.
    Being judgemental often imprisons the judge. They live a life where their every movement is based on who and what they judged,and ultimately interferes with their freedom to Love and Bring Joy into this world.
    Amen :)

  14. GoS...Thank you for your thoughts and the compliment. I love that you stopped by. I agree with you about imprisoning the judge. I judge a lot of 'things' in my everyday life, I do not judge people. It's a big world and there's room for all of us. Maybe even a purpose for all of us! Who am I do assume that someone doing evil things is evil? No one, not for me to judge.


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