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Friday, September 16, 2011

Rainbows Over My Head

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Looking up and seeing a rainbow arcing across a still damp sky always makes me feel hopeful.  I am not a big fan of rain or storms, as some are, but a rainbow following seems to be God's promise of greener foliage and brighter flower colors and a new freshly washed moment in time.  

A promise that tells us we do get another chance to get it right.  Some of us need more than one more chance.  Glad there is no limit on how many rainbows can occur in one's lifetime.  

Even the ever changing colors in the trees beneath this rainbow can't dampen my spirits.  The fall colors are not inspiring for me, not exciting as they are to so many of you, but with a rainbow hanging hopefully high above them, they don't look so sad to me.  

Perhaps the rainbow is trying to brighten their colors and convince them to hold tight to their leaves just a bit longer.  Or perhaps, I am doing that and using the rainbow as my own personal 'tool'.  

Children often choose rainbows as their favorite thing.  I think it's the way one can hardly be sad or even indifferent when you see one.  Rainbows require our attention and they also require that we appreciate their uniqueness and their beauty. 

They are rare and therefore, precious.  They are beautiful and therefore, admired.  They are yet another of God's gifts to us and therefore, free.

Wishing you all a rainbow in your day.  If not a literal one, a figurative one.  


I think I am going to like being here...more time with great people and more blogs to read and comment on!  Please share your thoughts with me below, I will respond...eventually!


  1. Lovely, as ever. And you know, I may follow you here....

  2. You always seem to find the right words. I know that is your secret weapon........why not a rainbow?

  3. @Leigh...thank you, so much. I appreciate your thoughts. I figured, why not two blogs! LOL
    Come on over!

    @Jeanne...Thank you, that's a lovely compliment. And why not a rainbow?

  4. A truly lovely blog. I am still smiling. I also never see a rainbow without thinking about God's covenant with every living creature. I love rainbows!

  5. Darlene...I am so glad you were able to get through. I don't really care one way or the other about the verification thing, it is there by default and I just let it be there. If it keeps acting up...I'll just "take care of that loser". I have people. People in black limos.
    Thanks for your persistence! :)

  6. Beautiful and inspiring post!


  7. Thank you Kathy...I love when you are inspired. :)


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