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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ownership #2

GBE2 #23

Thinking about the prompt for GBE2 brought two entirely different thoughts to my wandering mind.  I wrote the first one yesterday about responsibility and taking ownership for your words and actions.  It's important if being a kind and compassionate human is something you seek, but this blog is more about owning something entirely different.

I own a lot of things, I guess.  Things that I enjoy, but don't really need and some things that I need, but don't really enjoy.  I suppose there are things that I need and enjoy using or owning.  Those are tangible things.  My life is easier because I have them or I am happier because I have them, maybe.  The important and vital things I own are not tangible, but my most precious possessions.

I own the heart of many people.  They own mine, as well.  It's a huge responsibility to own someone's love.  I have the power to cause them irrevocable pain, heartbreak that might even scar them for the remainder of their life.  They have the power to do the same to me and my life.  

Owning the affection of another human is warm, soothing, endearing and incredible.  Just hearing the voice of someone you love can automatically bring a smile.  Often it soothes your worst pain, somewhat.  Knowing that there are people out there who would take a bullet for me is incredulous and it is also awe inspiring.  I would step in front of a semi for any of my family.  I would give up everything tangible I own to know that anyone I love would be safe just by the act of my doing that.  

Guarding the person you love from hurt is not possible.  Life hurts sometimes.  No one has a completely pain free existence unless they just don't care about anyone or anything.  Then you can indeed live without emotional distress because without love there is no one who can hurt your heart.  They can make you angry and they can make you frustrated, but they can't hurt a heart they don't own.  And you cannot stop the pain to those you love because that is exactly why we have to suffer through pain.  In order to truly love and be loved we have to be open to the disappointments of other humans.  None of us is perfect.  We all have flaws and we all inadvertently or intentionally cause pain to people who have given us their heart.  It isn't our proudest moment, but it is living life.  Our goal is to limit those times by filtering our words through our brains before they fall out of our mouths.  It's a process for most of us.  For me, for sure.  My filter is very weak.  Thoughts form and almost immediately just spill out my lips.  Once out there, really hard to suck them back inside.  Okay, impossible.  I work on that a lot.

I know this one thing beyond doubt, I own many pieces of many hearts and my heart is owned by many others and this is the best and most difficult to manage thing that I own or allow others to own.  I am blessed and I thank God every day for all of these love bites.  

Life is good for me, right now.  It's had it's ups and downs over the years, but right now, it's pretty darned good.  Right now I feel like the heart pieces and love bites are all in a nice little peaceable and safe place.  I am not stressing or praying particularly hard for anyone or wondering what's next so considering the number of pieces I am holding, it's a good time.  I am praying for peace of mind and good health for all my heart pieces.

Ownership has it's privileges and also it's responsibilities.    So enjoy and protect.



  1. I understand. I have to purse my lips together sometimes or thoughts will become words that I am not prepared to explain.

  2. You're right. Responsibility and ownership go hand in hand. Very nice!

  3. Frizzy...I do know that feeling! thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. "Love bites" as a noun, I like that.
    great post!

  5. RIGHT ON!!!!!!! yup life does hurt sometimes..signs of growth.. :0)

  6. Sylvia...Glad you liked that, it kinda made me giggle just a bit. :)

    Brenda...So I gotta hurt to grow up? That settles it, I ain't gonna grow up! :)

  7. This is a sweet post. It's an interesting way to view ownership.


  8. Thanks Joyce...I believe it's true, too! :)

  9. I noticed 'love bites' too, but I hear that term and I think of hickeys, so "I am blessed and I thank God every day for all of these love bites" really cracked me up. After I stopped chuckling like some overgrown twelve-year-old, I appreciated the sentence for its beauty.

    Wonderful post, Jo.

  10. Beth...Just goes to show you the difference between your age and mine! LOL I would never have thought of the hickey relationship, thought I was making up a phrase, which I occasionally do!

    Thank you so much for reading and saying such nice things every time I write. I really appreciate it and I forget sometimes to say so.

    Love bites and heart pieces were my items to "own" and I haven't had a hickey in many, many, many, many years! LOL


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