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Monday, November 28, 2011

All I Want For Christmas 2011

All I Want For Christmas 2011
BFF 145

I want my kids (and their kids) to be healthy, happy and laughing.  
I want my Momma to feel wanted, loved and needed.  
I want my roomy to feel like he will always have his best bud near  by. (me)
I want my siblings to be with their kids and feel the pride of their live's work.

I want every service woman and man to feel and know that they are appreciated, thought of, prayed for and thanked every moment of their lives.  
I want them to all have peace time duty from here on.
I want every heart that isn't at peace to calm itself and be wrapped in love.  

I want every living being who is missing one who has gone before to feel the presence and love of that one who has passed in their hearts.  The warmth of the missing love all around them.
I want every baby, every child to have a holiday with food and at least one small gift just for fun.
I want homelessness to be a choice, not a matter of no other choice.
I want every person who is unemployed to have an offer for employment.

None of these need be gift wrapped and none of these need be for just one day, but one day would be a start.

In a perfect world, I would also love to have all my kids and their kids at my house Christmas afternoon and into the evening, like we used to do.  But that is then and this is now.  

Dear Santa,
My wish list is a long one and none of my wishes are tangible.  I will be praying for each of these things and just wanted to let you in on my list so that you don't waste a moment of your magical night's time stopping by our house.  We will be fine without any material gifts this year because we are old people who have accumulated far too many of them already.  What I really want this year is for you to dig deep in your elfin chests and find a few extra somethings for a lot of children who should awaken to something on their Christmas morning.  I believe you can do this with the help of many of your elves and helpers.  I am volunteering as one of those helpers and will be placing a few toys in a few boxes which your other helpers (the Marines) have set up around the shopping areas.  They are very good helpers.

Merry Christmas, Santa and happy flying.  :)

Your Helper,


  1. Jo, you certainly are a very special person with a heart of gold. I pray that all your Christmas wishes will become reality.

  2. Very nice Jo. My prayers agree with yours.

  3. Thank you so much Kat. I have my share of faults, believe me! Thank you for that prayer.

    Mike...My sweet, adorable and lovely friend, Mike, We agree on many truly important things. That's the important part of our um, our ah, relationship! Yeah, that's it. :)

  4. I love your Christmas wishes. Praying this for you. Awwwww

  5. Laura...thank you, sincerely. It's good to be remembered in other's prayers. I shall reciprocate.

  6. This is beautiful! What a sweet, sweet post. My prayers are in line with yours and I am one of Santa's helpers too.

  7. Such a beautiful list from such a lovely lady with a heart of pure gold!


  8. Langley...I know you are and neither of us can forget the furbabies either! They need a little Santa love! Thank you.

    Kathy...What is that old saying, "It takes one to know one?" Yeah, that applies here. ♥

  9. I love your list. Goodwill and peace on earth - that is what Christmas is all about.

  10. Darlene...Yep, that's it~Love, peace and joy.


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