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Friday, June 1, 2012


Daughter's Eyes to Mother's Eyes

Sipping coffee in her chair
She looks so tired sitting there.
I wonder if she pressed my dress~
I'm sure she did, it was a mess.
She grumbles a little from time to time
Of ungrateful children; not having a dime;
Of being tired and overworked
Not being appreciated and getting irked.
She's probably right about everything
But her praises I have yet to sing.
I see her getting older now
But still very young somehow.
Since I have grown and left her nest
I realize she's one of the best.
Best friend and mother all in one~
And I wonder what I might have done
To make her life a happier place
To let her know the love I see on her face.

I brought her home and watched her grow
I loved her more than she'll ever know.
I didn't sleep, if she was ill
I'm not sure that I ever will.
My baby isn't a child today
But a growing lady in a lovely way.
Maturity and beauty grow on her face
My baby girl in heels and lace.
I'm reflected in her youthful eyes
The days gone by, the years, Oh my!
I'm the lady sipping coffee now
I'm not old enough, I can't be-how?
Oh please, let her see me through the eyes
Of the loving daughter I have become
And let me cherish all this time
Before she leaves to live with some bum~
Who'll never be good enough for my girl
Never be able to hand her the world.


I wrote this when my daughter was 12 and my mother was 60 and I was 32.  It is a simple example of Full Circle living.  Every now and then I see my life events coming Full Circle, but seeing my mother and my daughter on any given day was my biggest "AHA" Full Circle celebration. It was until my daughter had a daughter and again, I saw the Full Circle moment.

BFF prompt Full Circle #198


  1. I was here. Hi. Sorry, I couldn't resist per your instructions above.
    Seriously, this is beautiful. It is a spiritual moment when we realize life has come full circle.

    1. It really is, isn't it? Good job on the following instructions! ha ha ha
      Thanks Kat...♥ u

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sweet Lady. It was a long time ago...30 years ago, in fact. It's still true, if not accurate, the feelings still exist.

  3. There is something really wonderful about being in the position to really see the generations on both sides of ourselves. Full circle, indeed.

    1. Miraculous and touching every time I let myself think about it. Just love it. The grandbabies make me swoon with sentiment sometimes. My babies babies! How awesome and full circle. Makes this aging thing kinda worth it. ♥

  4. This is such a lovely poem Jo, and it fully exhibits the circle of life. It is so poignant, I just love it. You write so well!! WOW!!


  5. You are much too kind. I love this because at 32 I was wise enough to appreciate both the endless love I receive and give.
    Thank you, Kathy for understanding me and supporting me always. <3

  6. Oh my gosh Jo.. I love that poem!! It's so wonderful and so true.. It brought tears to my eyes! I always hope my children see me thru loving eyes.. So, so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing this. <3

    1. Thank you Mimi...I do love them both and all my babies babies, too. Sorry about the leakage, but tears for love can't be a bad thing.

  7. Loved it Jo and it's ever so true. Full circle nicely penned. thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate your praise,Suzy. Thanks for coming around! ♥


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