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Thursday, December 6, 2012


The prompt from Daphne Steinberg for the Writer's Post Blog Hop this week is “It is said that ‘Life often imitates art.’ If you could step into a book or a piece of art, which one would it be and why?"

 My life from a book or stepping into a book having led this life so far? Or just a fresh start in some book?
I don't know. I can't imagine taking my 'baggage' into a story, but how could I just forget who I am and what fun would that be?  Okay, I will step into a story and let's see where I get to go!

Mitch Albom wrote a lovely little book called The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. It's a day's read, very well written and he is a masterful storyteller. It is the story of one person's trip into one idea of heaven. The Five People are people who were changed by knowing or meeting this person though unaware until now, or people who changed this person's life. 

My own walk through the invocation would possibly show me a client or two from my years of hairdressing. I am sure there would be one or two who were changed by being with me weekly, monthly or even maybe for that one special day in their life where I made them feel like a princess?  I wonder which or do I already know. I can  think of a couple who cried when they saw themselves, not believing they looked so beautiful. I have cried a time or two myself. Would one of them be waiting to share with me? 

What about someone I just smiled at one day. Absentmindedly smiled at a stranger, which I do often, never knowing it was the only smile they had received in a long time. Did I help someone who needed some little thing at some point and they were changed by that? I don't know.  

What if I hurt someone and changed them forever. What if some little slight on my part because I was in a rush and didn't bother with some little thing, which I could easily have done, caused someone to suffer an unknown pain which changed their life? I know there could be some of those out there.

Who would I meet that changed my life? The obvious ones, family who have gone before me. Friends who have gone before me and certainly affected who I became. One in particular who is responsible for me taking my writing to a new level and actually completing the book I had started numerous times and then writing two more. I miss him everyday. He changed me intensely. I think he knows that, but maybe not.

Would the others be surprises to me? Again, clients who changed my perspective on many things over the years? I can think of a few of those. People who taught me things just by being who they are and being part of my world, although briefly, intimately. Hairdressers become very close to clients who open up to them.

I don't know, but I am now thinking of all the people who I have known in my (~ whoa ~ in 20 days I will be 63 freaking years old ~ whoa ~) life who have passed and I would really love to talk with so many of them again. I will one day, as I have heard from a darling friend of mine, my bags are packed for the trip, but I'm in no hurry to leave. (Thanks Bethie, I think she told me a minister actually said that).

Who do you think you might meet in your heaven?


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  1. Whoa, Jo! This is intense! It really made me think. Terrific selection of book, too. I read it quite some time ago and might have to break it out again now... Thanks for participating in "my" hop. Great take on the topic.

    1. I was thinking I might like to read it again myself. I love his work, all of it!

      Thank you for such an interesting topic!

  2. lol,. I'm always taking my "baggage" into my art if my art is blogging...

    1. I know that's true and honestly, where can we go baggage free?

  3. That was one excellent book and I loved the movie.


    1. He is a great storyteller and i have loved each of his stories, Tuesdays with Morey, One More Day, The Five People and Have a Little Faith and the new one The Time Keeper is awesome!

  4. The book you refer to was a favorite of my good friend, Sherryl, and Sherryl, of course is one of the people I'd like to meet in heaven. I might also run into some people who have been waiting to tell me how I ruined their lives.

    1. I hope not! But I'm afraid it could be so.
      I will guess you'd be fine!


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