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Monday, December 30, 2013



As I started my evening browsing through the days postings on December 29, 2013, I was stunned, saddened and totally drenched in my own tears. The wonderful administrators of my original blogging group announced they were closing the group. Done. Finished. Elizabeth "Bethie" Grace and Stephanie Decilva Cardinale have been co-admins of the site Beth started in 2011, for the past year or so.  It's been much less active since Beth took a sabbatical and her loving and complete involvement became nearly non-existent. Others followed her example and though the prompts were posted weekly and were picked up by some writers, the large number of bloggers we were all used to reading and commenting with, slowly dissipated. The leadership personality was not present and we missed that. We apparently wrote for Beth!  We wrote for approval of our leader, as it were. Maybe not, but it felt that way. Actually what I think happened was that when we saw her step away, really step away, no blogs and no comments, we felt it was okay to do that as well.  We felt it was okay to not write for each other or to read each other or to comment on each other's work because, this was the new group personality.

Now, I'm not BLAMING Beth for the end of life of our close and brilliant group, though it reads as if I am, I am BLAMING us, the members who let her down and then let Stephanie down even more. When she tried to help Beth and keep us actively writing, we walked away. We stopped supporting each other; we didn't support Stephanie nor did we support Beth's life choice, though we said we did.
We didn't write. We broke the wonderful supportive and encouraging bond we had developed under Beth's tutelage.  I'm so sad about that.

Beth says it's the natural life span of a group to be born. To thrive and to die.  Maybe. But, I'm sad and like an old friend who has moved away and forgotten my name or that I love her, I will sorely miss this writing group and will never forget the experiences I've had here. The things I learned here and the friends I will always have because we met here.

I love you, Elizabeth Grace for all you have done for me since we met and for taking my friendship and reading my wordy and sometimes ridiculous blogs. And I wish you a future filled with love, kids, hubs and a little red barn with a black and white cow in your own back yard.



  1. Jo,
    It is so hard to say Good by.I know I was not writing nearly as much on GBE2 just because of life. Just published on Mysterious and Miraculous Book II.
    It is neat since my twin sister Linda AKA Minnetonka Twin published in the same book. See you around for sure since I know we are connected other places.


    1. Yes, we are connected! You and Linda are both part of my world and I'm so blessed by that. Happy, happy for you getting the book published. I did read all about it. Very proud of you both.

  2. I doubt very much that Beth's stepping away,and putting her focus on other aspects of her life had anything to with the the group's lull. I can't speak for everyone,but speaking for myself,I don't write for one person...that being said,I know that though Beth may have closed her blog,but remained open with support. I know there were times when I did ask her for her opinion on certain blogs,and she was there immediately.
    She gave us our weekly prompts,and it was up to us to participate,or not participate. We are adults and don't need our hands held. We don't even need a leader. We do need encouragement from time to time--and Beth,and Stephanie gave us plenty.
    People's lives change,their interests shift. Things happen. For those who still feel the need to blog,or be a part of a blogging group,there are other options to stay in the game. When you want something,you find a way to make it happen. Things don't die;things take on different forms,and we as humans find a way to adapt. It's the nature of life (both online,and off)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I can't disagree with anything you say. I simply see it differently. I'm not angry at the group nor at Beth or Stephanie. I'm saying we followed the leadership and as adults, shame on us for not really supporting their choices. That's pretty much it.
      Any manager, boss, chairman, president or Admin will set the standards for their group. We failed to meet the standards set for us as a group.
      Do you not find it odd that all but a tiny handful of our members suddenly discovered their lives got to intense to write a quick blog weekly? When they had been doing so for several years?

  3. Made me cry. Life wrecked, I didn't feel up to writing...or anything for that matter. I was part of the MySpace group that landed here.

    I've made so many friends...for that alone, I am grateful beyond words. Love my Beth, Steph and Alicia. Til paths meet...not goodbye.


    1. I love Beth and Stephanie also and will forever be grateful for this opportunity and everything they shared with me and helped me with.
      This group was my first step into blogging and I am forever connected to all the people I found here. My life is very much enriched by knowing my fellow GBE2 writers. ALL of them.
      Hugs Tai...

  4. Wow. A couple of things. First, yes, it sure does sound like you're blaming me for the demise of the GBE. Yes, I stopped blogging, but I never stopped answering tons of private messages and was happily remained available to members who asked for help. You and I had a similar conversation about this privately a short while back. I don't think GBEers wrote for me or my approval. I think that notion shortchanges them, their talent, and their drive.

    The GBE is made up entirely of adults. Adults who are capable, creative, wonderful people. Adults who either chose to blog on prompt or chose not to. I know you weren't delighted with the slowed group participation, but I was always fine with members setting their own priorities--which sometimes (often!) doesn't include blogging. It's a big, big world and while blogging is a wonderful thing, it isn't (nor should it be) the only thing.

    For the record, members of the GBE have NOT let me down. I adore those warm, wonderful people and I'm the first to champion their desire to lead lives that encompass all of their interests. And GBEers were VERY supportive of the choices I made about choosing to live more offline than on. I received so many supportive and encouraging messages--both at the start of my hiatus and throughout the time since. GBE membership is brimming with kind hearts and the outpouring of love that I've gotten has both warmed and humbled me.

    Writers write. They forgo sleep in favor of writing. They write in five-minute chunks of time they steal throughout their days if they can't find blocks of time. If they have to hole themselves up in the bathroom to get some peace and quiet, they grab a notebook and a pen and they sit on the bathroom floor and write.

    I can't take the credit for writers who are writing and will not assume the blame (though I don't believe there's any "blame" needed for those who step away from their writing, for whatever reason) for those who don't. People--grown people--do whatever they do because they can (and should!) do whatever it is they want to do.

    I don't recall ever saying that I think it's the natural life span of a group to be born, to thrive, and then to die. I do think life is fluid and change is normal and natural. Some groups might be destined to last forever, some not. Being a part of the GBE has been a wonderful light in my life. The writing, as it turned out, was merely the frosting on a most delicious cake. For me, the biggest pleasures have come from watching people blossom, find their voices, and take on wings. It's been a wonderful ride. It's been a joy. It's been a true privilege.

  5. A bittersweet post to be sure. I really like GBE too.. It's too bad it's closing it's doors but we can all keep on writing, after all, it's what we do, right?

  6. Sad that all good things come to an end, but that is life and life moves on. We are all richer for the relationships we found there. Our writing skills were honed. For a brief shining moment we all came together and wrote with one purpose and it was great while it lasted. The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time with the GBE2. I agree that once our leader lost interest, the rest of us followed suit. Every group needs a strong, caring leader. When the leader disappears, those that follow will do what they have always done and follow her lead.

    1. Exactly. Nothing surprising here, but sad none the less. We all progress through life with everything slowly evolving and I guess it's sometimes easier than other times. Easier when our progression only affects us. More difficult when it affects a lot of others. But change is inevitable and I am so glad I had this particular group of people to start my blogging life. The help, the affection and the total support was needed and is still very much appreciated.
      Thanks Kathy for taking time to comment.


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