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Sunday, December 1, 2013


GBE2 prompt of Inspiration for week of 11-24-13

I am inspired by many things that I see daily or weekly or have only seen once. It comes to me from people mostly, but sometimes from Nature or events out there in the world. You simply never know from whence an inspiration may appear. I try to watch for them and still they sneak up on me sometimes.

My stories and my blogs come from the life I live and the lives my friends and family live. I feel their pain or share my own. I rejoice in their happiness or spread happiness from my own blessed life. Writing comes from deep within me and can never be stifled for long. If I felt it or witnessed it, I will have to write of it. I may share it, I may just write it for my own mental health. It depends on how free I feel to share.

But living...that inspiration comes from people around me who live a life closer to my goals than I am doing at this moment. Every day I try to be a better, more giving human than I was the day before. I want to improve without fail, but so far, I fail. I am happy to say some days, some, I do okay. I think overall I am a better person than I was a year ago. I am a more understanding and forgiving person than I was two years ago and I am a happier person than I've ever been in my life. I think the happiness comes from giving happiness. I try everyday to make someone smile. If I accomplish that, I'm good to go!

When someone needs me, I feel obligated and honored to help. I am always a little exhausted from the effort, but isn't that what giving is? You can't give without losing something. On the other hand, I gain such a feeling of purpose. It is impossible to give without receiving.

Inspiration comes from everything around me. Inspiration to be a better wife, a better mom and a better sister and daughter comes from my family. I can do better and I will.

Inspiration to be kind comes from every person who is kind to me for no reason. Also comes from every person who is rude to me for any reason. I don't like rude and I don't want to be rude, so I am inspired to never copy that behavior by those who think it's okay. It's not okay.

Nature inspires me to believe. To believe in me, God, goodness and life and death all being natural things that all work together. We are born, we learn to love, we grow and learn to give, we live and learn to take and we die and learn true grace. Nature reminds me. Grounds me. Makes me happy.



  1. Jo. I really loved this blog post. I trust you are a beautiful person and that there are many who would agree. I also liked your description of the need to write. I had a negative comment recently. "How do you find time to write your blog", implying that I have too much time on my hands. Thanks for validating the need we have to write. Our thoughts have to land somewhere. Your thoughts are priceless.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I do think most writers NEED to write and if unable to do so would be insane! :-)
      I appreciate your words so much.

  2. That was a beautiful and insightful read Jo. Thank you for sharing. I am not a writer, but occasionally feel the need to express myself. Usually I do that in my head and keep it to myself. Being alone in God's great outdoors or on my Harley really inspire me meditate and realize how I truly feel how grateful I am for the many blessing in my life: family and friends being foremost of them. Joe

    1. Thank you so much, Joe. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I write because it keeps my head clear. The warmth, the sun and summer rains inspire me. Winter weather, not so much.
      Nature is powerful in my life and either gives me strength or beats me up. I have learned there are many people in this club.

  3. Thank you - you always find the right words to inspire the rest of us!

    1. You couldn't be kinder. Thank you so much, Leigh.


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