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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Never Again

There are so many things I could say I would never do again, but there are even more thoughts I've allowed to run through my mind that I'd like to never again entertain. There are a few places I will never go again. The one thing I have to accept is that all the things I think I'd never experience again gave me something I am using in my life. I learned something from each. Or I should have.
So though I'd likely never again...I'm glad I did, sorta.
I went shopping one day and tried on a beautiful dress I thought I'd love to wear to one of our nieces wedding. It was royal blue and had a comfortable sleeve just above my elbow. The bodice was snug and the skirt flared from the waist to just below my knee. Lovely. Except when I looked in the mirror I saw something I apparently had been ignoring OR it just appeared at this moment. Old Lady Cleavage. You know. The wrinkles that flow from the turkey neck right on down to the cleavage without any smooth or sexy look at all. I had passed the sexy cleavage stage of my life and I had no idea. I will NEVER AGAIN buy a low cut anything, not because I am that vain, but because making other people gag is not my idea of fun.  *sigh* 

Not sure what I learned, but I am sure I accepted my aging as 
just another beautiful thing about being given a few more years
on this earth.



  1. Oh my, sorry Jo but this made me laugh...actually laugh right out loud. I am still giggling imagining that moment of realization in the mirror! You wrote this so well. I have had some of those revelations in front of the mirror when I really seen myself and was floored by how much older and fatter I look. Oh yeah, and when I realized my boobs look like cow udders. UGH! HA HA. It is all good.

    1. I believe in living in reality so, yes, it made me laugh and change my idea of what I should wear. Turtlenecks, below the knee and elbow length! I got this!


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