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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I LOVE MY POOL....One of my favorite things?

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I LOVE MY POOL~ ~ ~ 2011.

by Jo Heroux on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8:05pm
And the summer of the pool that just won't stop sucking our money from our account continues! First there was the bad opening, liner laying in the water, never good. Then there was the over night greening that took 5 days to clear up and over $300 in chemicals. Then a leak. That's right lost over 3 inches of water over night. Only cost $500 to get that one fixed. That was yesterday...TODAY the automatic cleaner died. Not a slow death, a NOPE NOT GONNA RUN ONE MORE MINUTE death. Bargain time for me though, found one on sale for only $302.00 shipping included! *sigh* I love my pool, I love my pool, I love my pool.

All in all, living with a pool is a good thing.  Have to be thinking though that as it reaches old age (25 years old, this summer) it might be costing more than I can possibly justify!  That is until it's 98 degrees and I am floating around on a noodle cool as a cucumber.  Yeah, maybe it's worth it after all.  I do love that pool.
This is just one of the reasons I love this pool.

Oh and I forgot...also had the deck repaired and painted last month for $1100!  Now I get to repaint the section my pool boy had to cut out and dig up yesterday!  That is tomorrow's job!  
I still love my pool.....I still love my pool...



  1. At least you use it. My inlaws pay a fortune for a pool they rarely use.


  2. I use it all the time, but honestly it can be a money pit! I tell people who are thinking of putting one in, the work to keep it up is nothing compared to cost of repairing them!

  3. The pool is my happy place, though ours is an above ground one, not nearly as spiffy as yours. Last year, on the advice of a friend, we switched from regular chemicals to the Pool Frog thingy and it was the BEST move ever. That thing leaves the pool perfect all the time, so there's never any 'correcting' to be done.

  4. Yeah, I have a chlorinater and it usually works well, always actually. The problem I had was the mustard algae and not following what I KNEW to be right. But now I am thinking that leak may have contributed because it lessened by pressure some. Less circulation through the chlorine could mean the algae grew faster. It's just been a very expensive year! But I love my pool...ha ha

  5. we used to have a backyard above ground at my house too; we had to take it down because it was too expensive and time consuming to maintain it.

    I was very little when we moved to where we live now, and my dad helped teach me how to swim in that pool. I don't know when I'll get to take my own daughter in the pool: probably at my aunt's house one of these summer days.

  6. @Kate...They can be money pits, but they are also a great gathering place for friends and family all summer long. Hope your daughter takes to the water. It's a life-long love if you have good childhood experiences!

  7. I only ever knew one person here in the UK who had her own pool. The opportunities to use one are few and far between in a typical British summer!
    (PS And I have't forgotten about the 'B' challenge, Jo! Just haven't had time to do it yet!)

  8. LOL...I know having a pool is a huge plus here in the hot and humid summers of Michigan and I try to remind myself all the time...I love my pool.
    Don't worry about the "B" was just a fun thing! If you do it, I'll read it though. C:

  9. We don't have a pool...but we have a membership to our local pool. It cost 275.00 for the whole family and we go nearly everyday!! We definitely have gotten our money's worth. So while I can't possibly sneak out back for a midnight dip--I do get to go everyday and swim and have fun!! Cheers, Jenn.

  10. If a boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into, then a pool must be a hole in the ground that you pour money into eh?

  11. It's not the dollars you put into it - but the enjoyment the dollars put into your life. We all have our own version of the money pit - mine is motorcycling....and I love every expensive minute of it!

  12. @Jenn...that is the answer, right there! You get all the fun for a nominal fee and someone else gets to clean and repair it! One day I will be looking for a place with a pool I can USE everyday.

    @Mike...That is absolutely it! You not only get to pour water in (which isn't free, even if you aren't paying for water, which we are not, you gotta use electricity to pump it out of the ground and then pour in back into your vinyl lined hole! $$$$$$ <3

    @Laurie...I suppose you are right. My good news is that the pool only does these major things every five years or so! The other years it just sits there and smile at me every day.

  13. I've heard pools can be money pits. I'm glad you get a lot of use out of it.

  14. @Langley...Yep they can bleed your wallet dry, but then again...I think it's worth it looking at the big picture. Nothing else, materialistically speaking, makes me so happy! so whatchagonnado, eh? C:


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