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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring In Holiday Village

Our Home 
We've been in this little piece of Paradise now for 15 months.
WOW! Where has this time gone.
Our life here is slow and easy most days. We have flowers and new palm trees to care for, well, Roomy does most of that. We have a few activities that we enjoy and are looking for new ones to start here with our newish friends and neighbors. It's just a good life.

Our closest neighbors, two of them, leave for the summer and the rest of our street dwellers
stay as do we, for most or all of the summer. 

The Social Club stops activities in April. And starts up again in October. I am thinking of trying to keep things going at least a once a month pool party with shuffleboard or cards or something this year.  

We will be in Michigan for the month of July, of course, and I am planning to attend my 50th High School Reunion. Not sure why we are doing this 40 years early, but okay. I'll play along.

I have also started doing the Newsletter for the Community here and think it will help in a few different ways. One way is that I am meeting and getting to know more people because I am trying to collect info to report. The other is that because it's a monthly publication, maybe more people will want to joint in or even suggest new or different activities. Communication hasn't been good here and lots of times things are posted in the mail collection area and that's it. The sign out front will say what is coming this week, but no details, of course. So for new people it's hard to know what some things involve and whether or not inexperience is a problem or whether late joiners would be welcome. So I'm working to clear things up a bit and hoping to encourage more participation next year.

No remodeling plans for this year! Just enjoying what we have and where we are.

Can't believe sometimes that we live so close to the ocean and that it likely will never snow here.
It's our dream come true, no regrets.