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Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's Your Turn


I have not been here since the Holidays! I have no idea why I am not blogging more. I do have things I share on my page, some pretty boring, but still, that kind of is my life. I'm okay with that, by the way. 

I'm here now and I want to share something that really isn't about me. It's about you. Yep, YOU; my reader(s). There might be more than one, not sure because the comments here and on my page have dwindled considerably from what they used to be, but I'm good with that. See, I do get a count of how many "readers" or "clickers" I have, so the comments are more about knowing someone liked it or didn't like it enough to tell me. Bonus!

As I sit and type my thoughts or my happiness or my pain or confusion, I often think that maybe someone else will share that moment. That someone else might need to know they aren't alone. You might be the one I touched or supported or you might be the one to lift me up or smile with me. That's my goal.

So today I am fresh off a reunion with some people I really enjoy seeing once a year! I will add that I'd love to see some of them more often, but logistics limit us to the once a year visit. It's a long drive for us, about 2.5 to 3 hours, traffic deciding, but once we are there, it sure feels worth it. Re-connecting and laughing and remembering and catching up...reunions are just plain fun to me. And this one was no different. I always leave wondering how it is that we still have some connection with zero, in some cases, communication between these things?

The question for those of you who wish to play along, is simply this...

Do you enjoy or would you enjoy monthly, weekly or annually re-connecting with people you knew in your teens? Most of whom you haven't seen in say 20-40 years? Would that stress you out or would you embrace that get together?

Your turn...tell me your story...