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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lost & Found Love

I think sometimes about the 'loves' of my past, don't you?  I wonder where they are, if I don't know and who they have become, if I haven't seen them.  I wonder if they remember me.  What I don't wonder is what our lives would have been like had we stayed with each other. I don't wonder that because it wasn't meant to be that way, so why speculate? I lost those loves and they lost me, yet because they still stroll through my mind every now and then, they are more misplaced than lost.  I could find some of them, probably with the internet, but I don't want to. I don't want to KNOW who or where or what they are now, I'd rather just wonder.

That would be the people whose love I lost.  Now the other 'loves' I have lost, the pets who were furpeople sharing my life, those loves I would love to find.  They are gone from this earth, but they will never be gone from my heart.  I remember and love each of them today as I did when they were with me.  So not truly 'lost', but gone; I know where they are.

Occasionally I find something while cleaning out a closet or a cabinet that I thought was lost. Those things weren't  lost, they just weren't where I am sure I put them.  Finding them can be a treasure or it can irritate me no end because I most likely, bought a new one.  Old things that can't be replaced, when found, now that is a treasure.  I love running across old photos or  things someone gave me a long time ago that have sentimental attachment. It's almost like getting or seeing it for the first time except you also have the first time memory to now remember.

Yep, the whole lost and found thing is a double edged sword for me.  Most often if it's  lost, I'd just prefer that it stay lost because finding it means I have to decide if I need to keep it or lose it again!  I am not much of a keeper so it's usually not a huge decision.

What I hate losing and absolutely love finding is friends.  Old ones, new ones.  Old ones are your link to how you got to be who you are and no matter when they became your friends, they will never really be lost.  New ones are works in progress and grow into old friends or slip into the acquaintance category. Nothing wrong with having a ton of acquaintances, but few of them will really become friends.  Friends are precious and as time passes and life happens it's your friends who are just always there. They are there because they choose to be there, not because they are family and have to be there.  Now that I think about it, you can't really lose a friend, but you can sure find one.



  1. It's easy to lose old friends over the years. I think lost and found is a great idea for the week, and you came up trumps.

  2. @Tony...When I say you can't really lose an old friend, I mean because they have affected your life and helped to make you who you are today. They are always in your mind, somewhere. I liked the topic also and thought of at least 10 things I could write about and then settled on these few. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

  3. Losing friends is tough, and, yes, sometimes natural as you move through your stages of life. But, oh, you are so right about how great the feeling of reconnecting with an old friend. LOVE that! Some of my closest friends today are friends I knew in grade school. lol! Nice job!

  4. Being the pack rat that I am, I love finding lost objects! Finding lost friends is even better.


  5. This is a beautiful blog!

    Having lost loves and way too many pets I can relate to this and of course friends... Those who we love and care for and those who stay long enough to be with us throughout our lives as well as those who have touched upon something only for a short time...all loved and cared for.

  6. I've found some old friends through Facebook. And new friends through this blogging experience. Great experiences. I'd love to find out what happened to old boyfriends, but I wouldn't want them to know I was looking ;)

    Theresa Wiza

  7. Double edged sword!! How TRUE! Found my past flame, tried to contact him before my dad died; they were so close. Remember when he even flew down to Florida to meet with me before he made a commitment to love. I was pregnant with my second child. He said he had to find me and look into my eyes to be sure i was happy. He met someone and was thinking of asking their hand in marriage..and just had to know. It was a poignant time in my life...long story short when my dad got sick i started looking for he could contact my dad before he passed. Found his kids, left a note..and his wife contacted me and told me "they" felt stalked. I mentioned about my dad and told her i would never try to contact him again. He never did talk with him..but my dad did mention him. I KNEW he wanted to say goodbye. Thank GOD for God and Miraculous love, know that my prayer was heard, even if i could not "see" it in the natural. "Stick with your family and we will stick with ours" i knew it was insecurity, we are ALL interconnected, but so needed to respect her reality and move on.

    ...absolutely love finding is friends" thank you for sharing your thoughts and sparking yet another precious memory! ((hugs))

  8. You really nailed this one Jo. Loved it my friend!

  9. @Spedmom...FB has been a blessing for finding old friends and being reminded how precious they really are. Thanks.

    @Joyce...I am far from a pack rat, but I know some and I know what joy 'found' things can bring.

    Appreciate your taking time to comment. :)
    @Maria...thank you so much. My friends are very important to me as you can see. My family contains a ton of my friends, as well. None lost, thank God.

    @Theresa...LOL I think they call that stalking? Cyber stalking, even.

    @Brenda...Thank you for stopping by and I am glad I spoke to your heart. Memories keep loved ones who have passed from being lost. (((hugs))) right back at cha

  10. @Gary...Thank you so much. I'm a lucky girl to have reclaimed YOU as well as many other friends who had just kind of drifted. So glad to have you back.

  11. I have a few friends who because of geography or the overall crazy-business of our lives, I don't see as often as I'd like. Sometimes stretches of time span between our visits. Yet with these dearest, when we are together, it feels as though no time has passed, no distance was ever between us. I especially love that feeling.

  12. Great post on lost and found. There are some things I love to lose and love to find, and other things I hate to lose and hate to find.

    I love to lose weight and dress sizes :)
    I love to find old friends and new friends!
    I hate to lose money or my car keys!!
    I hate to find disasters, especially messy ones in the kitchen my kids like to leave.

    As for old you, I'm happy wondering and not knowing!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  13. Great post, please check my blog for your well deserved award!

  14. was a good topic choice! Fun to read all the different takes isn't it? I am so glad I jumped on board with you guys. It's been a real FIND for me. thanks for having me. I share your feeling for the OLD friends, too.

    @Jenn...You make me laugh! Great post.

    @Claudia...Thank you so much and thanks for the comment. I will be over to see you shortly!

  15. Smile, great blog hon, I happen to be friends with some of my lost loves, you can have it both ways.


  16. Lovely blog!! There have been pets and loved ones that I have lost who have went onto heaven that I would give anything to find again. Unfortunately they are completely lost from me, except the memories I keep stored in my heart. As far as lost loves, well there was only one that I even still communicate with, and that is on Face Book. You just never know!!


  17. I love this! The beginning where you talk about past loves, reminded me of when people are shocked to find out that even though I adore Johnny Depp I dont really want to ever meet him. I fear he wouldn't live up to the "him" in my mind and love would be lost. LoL

    Then you turned on my tears with the animals.. stop that!

    Great blog!!!

  18. @Jul...Good for you! Not something I even think about. But I seldom see any of them. The couple that I do see, well, we are civil! lol

    @Kathy...Your heart is full of the found. Thanks.And keeping up with an old love is everyone's choice! lol

    @Chickee...Exactly what I feel about Elvis! lol If I could meet him, I'm not sure I would for the same reason. Sorry about the tears, but glad I can tap into your heart. Thanks for commenting :)

  19. Fantastic! You really got me with the fur people. I'll be thinking about lost sweeties all day - with a bittersweet smile. Thanks.

  20. Great post!

    I think about the people I have lost and I do my best to prey for their families: They've lost their loved ones in some pretty devastating ways.

  21. I don't think you can ever truly lose anyone or anything that comes into your life. As you said about the photos, memories and sentiments will always come back, often brought up by an unexpected name or item, and the connection is renewed, even if only for a momentary smile.

    A lovely post, Jo *hugs*

  22. @Langley...I share your love for the fur people. Our nest is filled with 2 of them. The ones we have lost are always in our hearts though. Thanks for commenting, I love reading them.

    @Kate...While losing a loved one is the hardest thing we ever endure, I hold on to the knowledge that everything happens as it is meant to be. It helps me. Thank you for stopping by.

    @Mojo...I agree totally. A heart full of memories and those irreplaceable photos keep those who go before us alive for us. Thanks for posting and thanks for the (((hugs))).

  23. I generally keep in touch with lost loves and wish them well. I like to know that they are still loved by someone, but don't regret the loss of the relationship.

    As far as finding things in closets - little wads of cash are my favorite things to find! No questions as to whether to hang on to it or get rid of it - just a happy smile and a "free" coffee.

    Very nice post - thanks!


  24. @Alana...wads of cash! Great find. Thank you for the comment & compliment. :)

  25. I think we think alike, LOL!

  26. @justlife57...That should scare you silly! lol

  27. Good post. I have found some of my old friends through Facebook. The rest don't seem to want to be found. I wish I could find them.

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    nice post thanks for sharing...

  29. D Ana...It is true some people don't want to be found. They are happier just remembering and don't want the reality of now. That's okay.

    Phentermine...Thank you! Appreciate that you stopped by.


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