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Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day 2016


Annually I write something about the brave, selfless women and men who enlisted, or were drafted into, the military and then served their time for us. For us to be who we want to be, here in this country of diversity. For us who have done nothing to protect our shores from invasion or attack.

I write these articles because it is what I am able to do to show, not only how much I appreciate their time, service, their dedication and sacrifice, but also to remind others to show respect. Reminding my fellow Americans to do something that makes a Vet's life a little better or easier. Remind us all to say the thank you that might stay inside our head when seeing a Veteran going about their everyday life. Maybe go ahead and buy that cup of coffee or lunch or dinner, if you have the means to do so. Maybe just walk a few steps out of your way and extend your hand. A smile and mouthing the words "thank you" from a distance, yeah, that works, too.

I think about how much these Vets have given us and how honored they all say they were to be part of their military arm and how much better their branch is than the other branches and I am humbled. Always humbled. 

Do you understand that they have given themselves, body and soul, to our government for the service years? Do you know that once a soldier, sailor, marine, coast guard or air force, ALWAYS being that? It is a life long membership. They deserve to never be in need again. They deserve medical care, the best available, for life. They deserve to never go hungry or homeless. We, American citizenry, have to do better. 

Maybe President-Elect Trump will be able to make strides in this area. Maybe he will do what we've mostly wanted and mostly failed to provide. I pray for that.

So my friends, my enemies and you strangers out there...please take some time today and beyond to  do what you personally can do to show respect, gratitude and honor to the women and men who have served you so proudly and so honorably. We cannot hope to actually equal what they've given us.

May this day find all Veterans a show of support and gratitude for all you have given and continue to contribute to America, our country owes you so much more than we are giving. I hope this continues to get better as we focus on your needs.

Submitted with my highest respect and most humble gratitude,

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Over~Day 2 of President-elect Trump

The election is over. The decision of America is in. Well, the decision of the populous was Hillary, by 300,000 votes, but the electoral, the legal decision is Donald J. Trump by a large margin. Looking at the map, it's very, very red with blue tiny accents. Done deal. It does again open the door to how we make the electoral college really reflect the voters choice. Or possibly amending the constitution to dissolve this antiquated method of vote counting. It won't be the first time in recent history that much talk persists and likely little action will follow. We are a slow country to change anything constitutionally connected. That's a good thing, I believe.

As a pantsuit supporter I was dismayed and maybe more shocked to see all the Red. I was not happy. I was, and remain, concerned about our national security and our image around the world. The future is never obvious, even when we think it is, but in this case, it's just a blur. 

Will President Trump be the man who spoke so perfectly giving his acceptance speech? Will he be the focused and dedicated man the office requires? Will he see that working with Congress is not always easy, but necessary? Will he understand being President isn't a Dictatorship? Will he use those great negotiating skills he's bragged about to get things done or will he try to bully his way through? Will the almost humble man who met with President Obama today, be our new President?

So many more questions. No answers. Only time will tell.

I want him to do well. I want him to govern with dignity, which I now have seen he can show. I want him to lead this country forward not backward. I want better healthcare for all. I want college that's affordable to all who work hard and want it. I want a strong military and I want great support from our generals from whom Trump can learn. I want our country to be safe for immigrants, for LGBT, for blacks, for hispanics and for everyone! I pray this man will embrace these things and do all he is capable of to achieve these goals. I also want financial balance. I believe he can achieve this, if he applies himself. I hope he does.

So I am convinced today, as I am supporting with all my power of prayer, our new President, that his need to succeed and his need to be the best, he will be a good and maybe even a great, the greatest President we've ever had. In his own mind, if not the world. I'm hoping it's the world, though.

Praying for the USA...join me?



Hi Baby Boy,

Yep still. Never gonna change. I gave you life and you are always going to be my baby boy. I couldn't be prouder to say so. You are a man most mothers would never stop talking about, lucky for you I am just such a mom. I'm sure my friends all think you probably have a halo, you don't, but it's okay if they think you do.

This day is always so very special for me for so many reasons and this year as the past two years, I am a bit weepy remembering how much Grama talked about you and worried about you while you were serving. Remembering the trip she and I made to watch you graduate on this very day in 1970. Orlando felt so far away until we arrived and saw that taller, older, so mature young man walk toward us, unrecognized by us, I will add here. When you smiled and we knew you, it was awe inspiring. Unbelievable. Our mutual pride had to be visible. That kid we had sent off two months earlier was indeed a man. I can still see you sitting with us over lunch and pressing the crease in your uniform pants as you spoke. 

A man well on his way to becoming a motivated and capable man of honor.

Today, I am so thankful your time in service wasn't more traumatic than it was. And it was traumatic enough. Your time was filled also with some exciting travel and experiences that you would likely never have had, otherwise. Who gets to hang out in Japan for a year? Who gets to visit Hawaii on the government's dime? I'm grateful you had some good experiences and even more grateful that your "Gulf" time wasn't worse. 

I am so proud of you today and I am still so thankful that you served your country with such honor. I love you.

The Navy part of your history is such a huge part of your today and I can't thank them or you enough.

Walk tall and walk proudly, my handsome son, with all the gratitude I possess.  I am truly a proud Navy Mom.