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Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Over~Day 2 of President-elect Trump

The election is over. The decision of America is in. Well, the decision of the populous was Hillary, by 300,000 votes, but the electoral, the legal decision is Donald J. Trump by a large margin. Looking at the map, it's very, very red with blue tiny accents. Done deal. It does again open the door to how we make the electoral college really reflect the voters choice. Or possibly amending the constitution to dissolve this antiquated method of vote counting. It won't be the first time in recent history that much talk persists and likely little action will follow. We are a slow country to change anything constitutionally connected. That's a good thing, I believe.

As a pantsuit supporter I was dismayed and maybe more shocked to see all the Red. I was not happy. I was, and remain, concerned about our national security and our image around the world. The future is never obvious, even when we think it is, but in this case, it's just a blur. 

Will President Trump be the man who spoke so perfectly giving his acceptance speech? Will he be the focused and dedicated man the office requires? Will he see that working with Congress is not always easy, but necessary? Will he understand being President isn't a Dictatorship? Will he use those great negotiating skills he's bragged about to get things done or will he try to bully his way through? Will the almost humble man who met with President Obama today, be our new President?

So many more questions. No answers. Only time will tell.

I want him to do well. I want him to govern with dignity, which I now have seen he can show. I want him to lead this country forward not backward. I want better healthcare for all. I want college that's affordable to all who work hard and want it. I want a strong military and I want great support from our generals from whom Trump can learn. I want our country to be safe for immigrants, for LGBT, for blacks, for hispanics and for everyone! I pray this man will embrace these things and do all he is capable of to achieve these goals. I also want financial balance. I believe he can achieve this, if he applies himself. I hope he does.

So I am convinced today, as I am supporting with all my power of prayer, our new President, that his need to succeed and his need to be the best, he will be a good and maybe even a great, the greatest President we've ever had. In his own mind, if not the world. I'm hoping it's the world, though.

Praying for the USA...join me?



  1. Yes, I will most certainly join you. You may remember that I was full of fear when President Obama was elected, but I did my Christian duty to pray for him. The Lord softened my heart and in no time at all, I fell totally and completely in love with our President and his beautiful family. I'm not so sure I can "fall in love" with Donald Trump because he has shown himself to be a very dirty man, but I will pray for his decision making as well as for the newly seated congress. And then, I leave the matter with God, who is highly capable of guiding our destinies. If we are to suffer as a result of this election, then I would say that we deserve what we get.

    Sorry to be absent for so long. It seems that I have discovered a life that so fulfilling that I can hardly tear myself away for more than a few minutes each day. Forgive me? (((hugs)))

    1. I absolutely forgive you. I'm happy to see you so engrossed in your excellent work. Thank you so much for commenting. I am coming around much more quickly with him than I anticipated. Praying hard is giving me a different eye with which to watch. I'm liking what I see and hear.

  2. Being a US citizen today is like being a 16 year old boy with a pregnant 15 year old girlfriend. We have to give the relationship everything we got. Too late to change the situation. BUT, she could do something about that orange rat nest hairdo!!
    Craig Rodgerson


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