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Monday, February 20, 2012


This is a wonderful idea.  Thanks so much for including me and here is what I have to offer, sell, talk about, brag about, fill this page with or otherwise put out there for y’all to consider.

My name is Jo Heroux and I blog at a spot called My Wandering Mind.
If you’d like to visit me there you’ll find it at:

I have written 3  books and all are available from my blog site on CD with payment through PayPal.

The Island Princess and the Legacy of the Island Princess 

Beautiful Betsy*

Summer in Martinstown*

The Island Princess is the first part of the story of a young woman I met on the internet several years ago. The story is based in truth, however does contain some fictional details. She was the daughter of migrate farm workers in California. As a child she was neglected, abused and eventually sent into foster care. The story follows her to her forever family in Hawaii. 
The second part of the book is the Legacy and is completely fiction. It simply follows all the family members into the future.  The future I hoped each would have.

Beautiful Betsy takes place is small town USA which is based on my hometown of Durand, Michigan. You meet her parents as they fall in love and then stay in Betsy’s life until she has her first grand child. She is an amazing woman with some trials that would send many people over the edge. Not Betsy, she is the woman we all wish we could be.

Summer in Martinstown is all about the southern life of a family who has done well financially and has a brilliant future. It is just one summer in their life. You will know this family by spending just one summer with them. Madeline will become your friend and you will cheer her on as she plans and develops the future she’s determined to have.

Betsy and Summer are available from both Kindle ebooks and Nook ebooks.

You can find them by searching Jo Heroux in the ebook section of Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you’d like to read excerpts from any of these simply go to my author’s page and check the notes page:

The Barnes and Noble page:    ~   Nook

The Amazon page:     ~   Kindle


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    1. I guess I have to figure out more about this, Kenya is hosting this Monday page and I apparently don't really know what to do with this information! :)
      I posted the link to this page on her Monday Madness post, but I maybe shouldn't have posted it here?
      I don't know.............

      But thanks Claudia.♥

  2. Yes, Congratulations! :)

  3. These look like some great books! Are they only available on audio?

    1. Betsy and Summer are available also as ebooks. Kindle and Nook carry both of them. Links to all are above.

      Thank you.

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  5. These sound like such interesting stories! Congratulations! It's so nice to find you through the marketing linky.

    I have an online handmade business for Moms and babies with my sister, and I recently launched Club-Content--a place for bloggers to team together to improve their blogs. It's especially good for business blogs to get exposure and increase traffic.

    Nice to meet you!


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