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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Post Granddaughters Day

I awoke this morning to an ultra-quiet house.  My daughter and her two daughters plus one of their friends had been here for 2 short days.  The girls had been with me and my daughter had been working, but spent 2 nights here allowing some visiting time in the evenings. Our house was, for those 2 days, just filled with sounds.  Yep, love does have a sound, apparently.  The girls are not particularly noisy, but they are 9 and 11 years old so there is certain amount of giggling, talking, playing games and just "action" involved when they are around. Gosh I miss that this morning.  They got up and on the road without waking me up.  I appreciate their thoughtfulness, allowing Grandma to sleep in, but I would have happily gotten up had I heard them, to get those last hugs before they were on their way.

Two days of little girls and me.  That's kinda like a little slice of heaven for this Grammy.  Everything that I would usually be doing (laundry, cleaning, writing, recording, weeding) didn't get done because I just played and watched the girls play.  Those things can all be done tomorrow or the next day or whenever because now I have an afternoon to spend with my Momma. All of those things are so much more important than whether my floors shine or my windows sparkle (neither of which is happening, btw) and since the midnight fairy will NOT be visiting me anytime soon, I will get to them all in good time because the dirt will wait and time with my ladies (grandbabies, daughter, mom) just won't wait and shouldn't ever have to.

Today is off to a quiet start and I believe today is the day I will start to capture "Momma stories" for my next book.  I am very anxious to collect and then organize, in some fashion, all the stories she can recall that our family would love to have in book form to pass on to our next generation.  She's had a life of experiences, both good and bad, that created the amazing woman we all love today.

In my wandering mind at this moment is nothing but love and the afterglow of my granddaughters latest visit.  I just don't ever want to be too busy with my life to forget what my life is really all about.

Wishing you all unconditional love in your life today or always.  The only way to get it is to give it first.



  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    Whenever any of us are feeling swamped and are tempted to fill our days with a bunch of 'shoulds,' we need to remember this sentence: "I just don't ever want to be too busy with my life to forget what my life is really all about."

  2. @Beth...That can be a hard one, eh? I am going to do better with that one myself. Thanks for stopping and sharing. :)


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