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Friday, July 22, 2011

It Can't Be Midnight

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She walks out into the ridiculously hot and humid night and stares immediately into the star filled sky.  After a few seconds of wonder, she closes her eyes and prays.

"Dear Lord, Please look after my babies, my husband and all my loved ones.  Allow them all peace in their hearts and wisdom for tomorrow's choices.  Thank you, God, for all the blessings you have given us.  I am not worthy of such riches of love and happiness.  May I be a better servant tomorrow than I was today. Amen."

She raises her eyes to look out over the back yard she had earlier mowed and noticed the evening dew glistening and for a moment, thought she heard the grass sighing as it drank in the moisture.  The furniture she was seated upon was moist, but not uncomfortably so.  Midnight was here.  But how?  How did a day pass without him being part of it? He had just gone for some alone time to the cabin a few hours away.  How could anyone miss someone so much in such a short time.

They had been together for 14 years.  Married 10 of those years and apart maybe a dozen times over night.  He worked long hours for an insurance company as an adjuster.  He often left at 6 am and returned around 9 pm while she stayed home with their two babies who had just turned 3 and 5 in the last few months.  It was the life she had dreamed of and he made it happen for her.  Every now and then, though, he needed time to be alone for a day or two.  He worked under a great deal of pressure and as much as he loved his family, he asked for these days a few times a year.  He never stayed more than 2 days and 1 night.  For her, that felt like eternity.  For him, it was a brief respite.

This trip was particularly ill timed for her.  She had just spent an entire week with one sick daughter and her little brother wanting 24/7 attention because he had no one with whom to play.  Mommy was his new best friend and the nurse and Mommy needed a time out, too.

Sitting here on the porch at midnight alone was her time out.  She reflected on all the blessings she did indeed have and now that her little one was feeling better, chances are they would all sleep through the night without Daddy.  He would sleep through the night stress free.  That thought made her smile.  She loved him stress free and relaxed and yes, it was worth it.  He asked so very little of her, he gave so very much to her, it was perfectly fine that he was gone tonight.  But she was still missing the hell out of him.

An hour passed and at 1 am she arose to take a quick shower and tuck herself into her king sized bed for one.  Midnight had worked it magic and she was smiling to herself as she headed inside.

Not needing lights, she had stepped into the shower in the shadowy lights from the yard and had not bothered with any inside lights.  She double checked the front door and the back door and walked down the hallway to her room checking on the kids on her way through.  All sleeping.

Turning down the spread that covered her bed in almost total darkness she sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I thought you were never coming to bed."

She nearly jumped out of her skin but, somehow remained completely silent as she turned to look toward his voice.

"I missed you more than I needed that break."

God knew her real prayer and here was her answer.  He reached for her and she fell into his embrace.  One more blessing to thank God for in the morning.



  1. WOAH...LOVED THIS!!!!!! ahhh now i am going to bed! sweet love...what makes the world go round another 12! : ) MUAH!

  2. OOOH!! I so love this...I want to cry---this is so touching! Great job..brought a huge smile to my face! Cheers, Jenn

  3. @Paula...Thank you. I love that you shared your thoughts.

    @Brenda...While I'm at the beach you go ahead and get some sleep! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. muah back atcha

    @Jenn...I love when love is all consuming and I love when lovers are also best friends. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it so much.

  4. Not at all the end I expected. But then, you know what kinds of things I usually write. Good job.

  5. Sooo sweet. I really love this post. Thank you for reminding me of all the goodness in my life.

  6. I debated about the ending for like 3 seconds and went with my own perfect ending. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

    @Langley...Glad you enjoyed it. It is my daily grind to remember my blessings first!

  7. You hopeless romantic you.....nice, very nice.


  8. Chele...I am, I admit it. Good thing I married such a big ole softy,huh? Or maybe that was why!

  9. Jo, this is wonderful! My favorite this week, by a country mile!

  10. @Beth...I am so blushing *wipes her cheeks for effect* and so humbled by your praise! A country mile ~ ~ ~ wowsy, wowsy wow. Thanks so much Miss Word Nerd.

  11. Why thank you sooo much Darlene. I am a bit of a romantic. (blushing) Thank u for stopping by and letting me know! (((hugs)))

  12. That was lovely, really lovely. Loved the little bit of comfort at the end.

  13. Thanks Mojo...I appreciate your stopping by and sharing your thoughts! C:


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