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Friday, December 14, 2012



My first car was actually a 1966 Corvair which my husband owned when we got married. He got a different car shortly after we were married, a blue Malibu, which he bought for me. Good idea, but no go. I did drive the Malibu now and then, but I loved the Corvair and he usually let me have it. It was such fun to drive and so cute!

It was followed by two other Corvairs, a brown 1963 and a white 1962, which I loved!  I enjoyed each of them, but that bright red little engine in the trunk car was adorable and I drove it everywhere. It was a great shopping car, big trunk in the front!

It’s funny to me; I have always loved my cars until now. I am now the owner of a mini van. It was a good and necessary purchase in 2004 and I do enjoy driving it, but it isn’t a fun car. It isn’t a cute car. It is, however, still in good shape, runs really well and does allow me to haul 4 grand kids even if they all have to be in the back. That’s a good thing once or twice a year, but seriously, I do not need a mini van anymore.

Why haven’t I gotten a new car?  Well, they are ridiculously expensive and I feel guilty spending money on something I obviously don’t need. I would love to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Ford Escape, but I can’t justify it.  Wanting isn’t a good enough reason to spend $20,000, right? Yeah, I know~I’m really getting old now and sensible has become my middle name.

Never thought, when I was tooling around in my Corvairs, that I’d be sensible!



  1. ugh my van. not a good topic. It's almost at 100,000 miles and starting to pour money into it. Got to get to at least 200,000.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, I was beginning to think it was written just for my eyes! LOL I'm over 100,000 on mine and in 8 years of being my main transportation, she is holding up well. Dang it.

  2. We leased a Volt for under $300 a month. Since my husband is no longer paying $200 a month for gas, it doesn't cost much to have this new car. People are afraid of the new technology, so they're practically giving them away just to get some on the road. Or maybe we just got lucky to find the deal when we did. You might want to check it out. We love our electric car.

    1. I have thought of that Joyce...maybe. I do drive to Nashville several times a year though and wondered if it would make sense for me? I will be looking into it before we decide anything.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. My husband's mother had a corvair and she loved it too. Steve never fails to mention it when we speak of "the classics". I've loved all my cars and we are just dorky enough to name each one of them. Currenlty driving "Shady", my silver gray Ford Fusion. Love it to pieces!

    1. Corvairs rocked...truly! I have named a few of my cars, not the van. It's always been transportation only.

      Dorkiness seems to run in this group. Not a bad thing, I'm thinking.


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