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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Serenity ~ Peace

Is the world different today? Is it just me? Does accepting facts comes harder as you age or easier? Letting things go isn't impossible. I've been doing for many years. The Serenity Prayer is my mantra. I live it daily, say it multiple times some days. I DO attempt to change the things I can. I DO accept the things I cannot change and I always ask for wisdom to know the difference. 

Maybe that last part is my hangup right now. Maybe I still think I can change my world. Not the entire thing, but my part of it? Maybe I still believe if I am kinder, less intrusive and more inclusive and make real effort to help someone through something, it will change the world. It will make a difference. Maybe I'm right. Maybe not. 

Does it really matter if I am a nice person? Does it really matter that I did a random act of kindness? It does matter to the people to whom I am nice, I guess, rather than being rude or just ignoring them. Although, maybe their life would be completely the same regardless of my attempts. Does it matter?

Ever thought about how you affect people you genuinely care about? I'm sure you could write a book about how people you love have made your life better, but what would they say about you? How much would their lives change if you just went away? Not died, just went away. Something to consider. Since our move to Florida, I've given this a great deal of thought. If not for FB, I'm sure I would be completely out of touch with many people I used to see or talk with regularly. People I thought would always be important to me. 

On another note...

I feel like many people that I admire are so excited about our new  
President and all he will change and improve while I am fearful of his views on things important to my life and also fearful of some of his choices for cabinet members, DeVos?, yet praying he will lead us upward rather than backward. I am praying his support system has compassion, which he seems to lack; they will have morals, which he also seems to lack. I am praying that I am wrong about so many things concerning him and also trying to accept the things I cannot change. Possibly we actually elected Ivanka and husband and they could have a better platform than the one we are seeing.
Accepting doesn't mean agreeing, it means understanding I cannot remove Trump/Pence from their leadership positions. I am not capable of getting Bernie Sanders in that spot and this is fact. Accepted. Have the wisdom to know the difference. Got that. Now I guess I need to pray for strength to accept my own truth. 

On a daily basis I still try to show kindness where I can. I try to lend a hand where I see or know of a need. I donate to causes I believe need my money to do good for our world. All these are things that show you part of who I am. The other parts of me are not so peaceful and not so tolerant and not so kind. Those parts of me are afraid and I am almost cowering away from what might be my reality. Our future is so much in question right now and I sincerely need peace in my heart. I also pray for that. 

I will continue to pray for the Lord to lead DJT/Pence in the way of the light and best interest of our country. I pray for intelligence to be the word of the day over unprecedented. Presidential is really nothing more than dignity and following protocol. Protocol that has real reasons for being set as the norm. Yes, norm would good, too.

Share your thoughts, if you'd like! As you can see here, my head is full of conflicting and confusing and frightening things. Maybe you have just the message I and many of my friends need to hear.

God bless America.



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  2. Kindness always matters. Our every action, no matter how small, sends ripples outward. Send good ripples.

  3. So, here we are... Just a little over one year later and it is evident that your concerns and fears were valid. Lord help us.


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