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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Please leave your thoughts...I love when you do that!

Walking down a country road, seemingly alone~
Or sitting in a comfy chair poolside after noon~
Maybe washing dishes with no thoughts~
Or folding laundry, matching socks~
He is speaking wordlessly and now, without a doubt~
What weighed on me a moment ago is naught to worry about.

Blessings lurking all around~
Smiles and laughter always found~
Pain, enough to know tears will heal~
Scars, for reminders of how that feels~
He gives each a mixture though not always even~
He holds us close to him, we just have to listen.

It takes only silence and a willing ear~
His message comes through for all to hear.


  1. This is just perfect.

  2. amazing and beautiful and EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! thank you so much for sharing this. It really spoke to me :)

  3. .@Beth...your muse has turned the tables and you became mine! LOL Thanks for the inspiration. I seldom write poems, but this one wouldn't leave my mind, so now I am free of it!

  4. @Jenni...I am glad to hear that. I believe I had to write this one. I was listening and it would NOT leave my head. My instinct was to share! C:
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I agree with Jenni! I needed this today too!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gawysmiff...I try to be there for ya! <3 you. Thanks.

  7. This has a nice flow to it. Well done.


  8. Joyce...*blushing* thank you, very much. C:

  9. Very well done.

    Have a terrific WW. :)

  10. Beautiful!! It's difficult to believe we came from the same gene pool. I couldn't write like this to save my life. Love it. Love you, too.

  11. Sandee...Thank you so much. 'preciate you stoppin' by.

  12. Pat...*face is red* Thank you, I love that you like what I write. Love you most, Sis. <3 C:

  13. Great Jo, Have always thought there was much to be gained from listening. He does talk really, we just never shut up long enough tohear Him. Velda

  14. Well done.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  15. @Velda...Thank you. That's it exactly. C:

    @Cafe au Lait...Thank you for visiting and I'll be right over! C:

  16. I love this--what a wonderful post!

  17. @Judhu...thanks & thanks for stopping by & sharing.

    @Jenn...How kind of you. I appreciate your readership & your comments, always. C:

  18. Lovely post with great flow!!


  19. Kathy...Thanks again for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I don't do much poetry, but every now and again, I just "feel" one and have to write it out. C:

  20. Langley...thank you so much. I love that you stop by and almost always comment. :)


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