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Monday, January 7, 2013


For those of you who read me regularly (both of you) know that I am not one for wishing. I am one who normally accepts what is and just makes it work. I do that because it is stress free and also allows me to live with what I have and who I am, without regret. A nice and relatively happy way to live. 

For the purpose of this writing prompt, however, I shall set about creating a wish list.

1) I wish war was abolished world wide. 

2) I wish love was the norm. Hate and envy and anger were all non-existent.

3) I wish hunger was just a word.

4) I wish every child born was wanted, loved and raised with intelligence and nurturing.

5) I wish every dog and cat was born into a forever home or had one waiting.

6) I wish when death came, it always came quietly during sleep.

7) I wish random acts of kindness were human nature.

8) I wish guns were used only to defend against attacking animals, if there were any.

9) I wish humans had never tasted meat. ( Especially me, cuz I love it.)

10) I wish cancer was just an astrological sign.

I am sure I could go on and on and on, but for now, for this post, I am done wishing.

Now back to reality and my not so bad life.  

Oh, I have a lot of reading to do so number eleven might have been I wish I had taken a speed reading class!  But I stopped at ten.



  1. it tears me up...ME TOO!!! it so true..wish all those "words" were not in our world. Jesus said "there will always be poor amongst you" i guess..cuz our relationship with Him is wrong..because we think wrong..and living right..doesn't mean we don't feel for the 'wrong'..persevere on with what we know is right and know..its a gift to choose...and we can only encourage..its such a private choice..and yet even when we choose right "their" wrong choices effect us..nevertheless..we love on

    1. The world may never be perfect, but that is no excuse not to be the best person each of us can be. It has to start somewhere and it might as well be us!

      Thanks Brenda.

  2. If love was the norm 7 of your other wishes wouldn't be necessary. Quiet death and never tasting meat.. I don't think love can fix those. Great list.

    1. Maybe no one would have killed the first animal if love was the norm? I'm a meat eater who love animals. That is a tough thing to defend.
      Thanks Mimi...

  3. I am not much of a wisher, either. I have most of what I need and a lot of what I want. But if I did sit down and think about it, most of my wishes wouldn't have much to do with me; they would be for the rest of the world and would be very close to the list you have here.

    1. That's because we have a lot in common, moral wise, I think.
      The important things in my life are not things. They are people and furpeople. They are feelings and blessings and I know you share that.

      Thank you.


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