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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I promise list...yes, it's a list because I believe once written, things become real to me. So, it is written.

I promise:

1)  to be the person I want as a friend.

2) to answer when called upon.

3) to tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear that.

4) to love without condition or not love at all.

5) to put forth my best me 90% of the time.

6) to be there for my family, always.

7) to LISTEN better.

8) to speak mostly after thinking, it's a process.

9) to try to be the wife my husband deserves; the mom my kids deserve, the grandmother my grandbabies deserve and the daughter Momma deserves.

10) to be the friend you deserve.

I want to promise to age gracefully and never be a burden to anyone, but aging isn't always like that so instead, I'll try very hard to stay healthy and active until the end. Failing that, I'm sorry to the care givers and it's okay to ship me off somewhere. Really. But if you take me in, feel free to tell me what you need from me and I do promise to give that a try.  With luck, I'll be gone before any of that matters. I want to live until it's over, really live.

I also promise to answer any of your comments as soon as I see them!  ❤️  Cuz both of my readers are very special to me!  😄



  1. I promise to not hold you to your promises.

  2. Now that's a really good friend! ❤️

  3. I love that comment! ^^

    But I also love this list. :)

    1. She's awesome, isn't she? LOL
      And thank you.

  4. I love this list and now I must make one of my own! :D

  5. These are some pretty serious comments. I'm going to be a big pain in the A to my kids when I'm old . . . in about five years.

    1. They are some areas where I believe I need work. I am promising because they need to happen and obviously, I am the one to make that so.

  6. Very nice list Jo, and if you notice your list has less to do with you...but how you treat other people, and that is the mark of a true friend! Glad you are one of mine, if just online!!! :-)

    1. Yes, this list is promises to those I love, for the most part it's how I find myself-growth. Being better to the important people in my life will make me happier and increase my human value.
      I'm happy to list you among my friends, also!


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