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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thoughts for a Saturday

Yesterday we dropped our realtor at the end of the 90 day contract. The home we have loved and improved for our own comfort and happiness has been viewed by 14 prospective buyers. Some couples, some singles and a couple of extended families. The failure to provide the much coveted open floor plan and the apparently much coveted bathtub, has produced zero offers.

Strange because we have often complained about how noisy this kitchen is. Everyone who is in the living room can clearly hear (actually magnified) every sound made during food prep. Dishes seem to be slammed onto the solid surface cupboard or banged into the dishwasher, when in fact, they are simply being placed. Opening up the stairway wall would achieve that open concept, but it would also increase that annoying racket. It's my belief that people who want that, haven't ever lived with cooking and clean-up IN the living room. Maybe that's just me.

And the bathtub issue has blown me away! We spent $7000 removing the tub and installing an oversized stepin shower. It's awesome and very easy to clean. We have three full bathrooms and all have walkin showers. Why? Because in the last twenty years no one has taken a bath and every week I still cleaned a bathtub. On the floor, on my hands and knees, I cleaned a tub that no one living here wanted or used. Asking around, I found very few people who take baths and fewer who liked cleaning their tub. We thought we we're increasing the "want" factor, but apparently we did not.

We added an in-law suite in the basement. Finished the entire floor into a kitchen, full bath, laundry room, bedroom, tanning room and family room. Essentially doubling the living space of our home. Has that been a benefit? No one has said so.

We have a whole house generator which automatically runs everything 10 seconds after a power outage. Cost? $6000 and it's one year old.  Benefit? Nope.

The pool and landscaped backyard is appreciated, but not worth our asking price apparently.  I suppose the cost of all of that seems minimal, unless you're the one paying for it. Yes, everyone likes it, but still no offers.

I am so disappointed. I am so deflated. I am so ready to move to Florida. I need to be re-energized.
I need an offer. I need a serious buyer who will love living here.

It's so hard for me to understand why everyone doesn't just feel at home here. The first time I walked in the front door, not this one cuz we just replaced that 2 years ago, I looked around and knew it was our home. I have never regretted the purchase for a single moment. I have honestly loved this house from that moment.

I need THAT to happen. Soon. THAT buyer needs to find us and their new, nearly maintenance free home.

Tomorrow we begin round two. Realtors who know how important online listings are. Realtors who will council us with their expertise and listen to our needs.  I only regret that we didn't go this way first. But everything happens as it's supposed to happen and tomorrow is a new beginning in this process.

I promise the new buyer that this house will become their home the moment they hold that closing paper and they will relish every summer day they spend in that pool, on that deck or poolside with a cool drink.

It's coming soon. I know it is.



  1. Omg! Jo I couldn't agree more on the open concept thing. We had a couple and by the time we built our house on Durand Rd., I said Never again. Our kitchen was separate, the dishwasher was the most noise free one I could find and I wrapped another layer of insulation around it before installation. We insulated the kitchen walls. I never want an open concept again. As for the tub thing, I hear mostly parents of small kids say they need a tub, give them a bath in the kitchen sink and when they can walk, put them in the shower. I think your home was very reasonably priced the first time around. I'm sure Bob and Leigh can help with some financing issues which I'm guessing might be an issue. People with no, or not very good credit think they can't qualify for financing and it might be good if they had ideas for them, That's all, it will happen. Love you, Velda

    1. We'll see how this round goes! I think the time is right now.
      But, maybe not. I'm okay either way.

  2. Hi Jo, were you a hair dresser in Durand, a few years ago? I was a client of yours, I think you had just bought the house that you are trying to sell now. We moved to Mo. for ten years, owned 3 houses there, one on a lake, and 2 in the city of Columbia Mo. We had a 3 year wait when we sold our last house, got rid of the realtor, had a sign made for sale by owner, and the house sold in 3 weeks after we got rid of realtor. You might also try buying a St. Joseph real estate statue, never heard of it till we lived in Mo., prob. wishfull thinking. You can get them at Christian stores, where they sell bibles, and all things Christian. We have moved back to Mich. in a Del Webb adult community in Grand Blanc, we like being back home and love living in this community, no snow shoveling, grass cutting, and a beautiful club house, 2 pools tennis courts, etc. Well good luck on selling your home. Pat Phillips

    1. Hi Pat! Yes, I remember you! We are finally SOLD and I just now saw this comment. St. Joseph has been buried for months and it all had to happen in God's time. The people I describe above came last week and we are well on our way to closing after Christmas and setting up a new home in Florida early 2015. All in His time. We have had a very long year of sadness and heartache. A lot of tears and thought of giving up. I just kept saying He has a plan and we have to be patient. So much is clear to me now. I am so grateful and so blessed.
      Good to hear you are happy!


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