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Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day 2016


Annually I write something about the brave, selfless women and men who enlisted, or were drafted into, the military and then served their time for us. For us to be who we want to be, here in this country of diversity. For us who have done nothing to protect our shores from invasion or attack.

I write these articles because it is what I am able to do to show, not only how much I appreciate their time, service, their dedication and sacrifice, but also to remind others to show respect. Reminding my fellow Americans to do something that makes a Vet's life a little better or easier. Remind us all to say the thank you that might stay inside our head when seeing a Veteran going about their everyday life. Maybe go ahead and buy that cup of coffee or lunch or dinner, if you have the means to do so. Maybe just walk a few steps out of your way and extend your hand. A smile and mouthing the words "thank you" from a distance, yeah, that works, too.

I think about how much these Vets have given us and how honored they all say they were to be part of their military arm and how much better their branch is than the other branches and I am humbled. Always humbled. 

Do you understand that they have given themselves, body and soul, to our government for the service years? Do you know that once a soldier, sailor, marine, coast guard or air force, ALWAYS being that? It is a life long membership. They deserve to never be in need again. They deserve medical care, the best available, for life. They deserve to never go hungry or homeless. We, American citizenry, have to do better. 

Maybe President-Elect Trump will be able to make strides in this area. Maybe he will do what we've mostly wanted and mostly failed to provide. I pray for that.

So my friends, my enemies and you strangers out there...please take some time today and beyond to  do what you personally can do to show respect, gratitude and honor to the women and men who have served you so proudly and so honorably. We cannot hope to actually equal what they've given us.

May this day find all Veterans a show of support and gratitude for all you have given and continue to contribute to America, our country owes you so much more than we are giving. I hope this continues to get better as we focus on your needs.

Submitted with my highest respect and most humble gratitude,

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