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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Audio Book

I have completed 3 novels.  Written, edited and rewritten, done.  I have recorded one of them and am offering it for sale for a small fee.  I feel so good about doing this.  It's like, um, so liberating.  I am not sitting here waiting for my next rejection letter from a giant publisher who "loves my writing style, but doesn't publish this type of book" and not wondering what "type" it is exactly anymore.  I am  no longer waiting for anyone to approve of my topic or my anything else; I am waiting now for real people to just hear this story and get to know the Island Princess as I knew her.  You see, this story is based on the life of a remarkable young woman with more courage and determination than any other young woman I have ever known.  She endured and pushed forward when most of us would have thrown up our hands and called it a day.

I was thinking about the Expectations subject that Beth threw out the other day and I realized that I always have huge expectations.  HUGE.  I always want it all and somehow, I expect in one way or another, I will get it all.  I don't usually know what all is, but I will know it when I get it!  My goal is sometimes nothing close to where I actually end up, but still I feel like I got there.  Life is just one adventure after another and I await each outcome with anticipation and some trepidation.  Anxiety isn't something I carry around because I believe life is what it should be and all the worry I can muster, will make no difference.  To paraphrase a very popular prayer, "I strive to accept the things I cannot change.  Gain the courage to change the things I can."  So high expectation drives me to do both of those things and sometimes gives me the wisdom to know the difference.

For me, EXPECTATIONS = The best I have to offer.  My books are that.  The best I have to offer.  Maybe the worst of the lot, maybe the best ever done or somewhere in between, but the very BEST I have to offer.  Now I can actually offer the first one.  I am happy.



  1. I am also very happy! Send me a PM on FB and perhaps we can add another sale to your till!

    I really love your outlook on life. But, then again, I have liked it for years!

  2. I am absolutely interested in getting to know the Island Princess! One question: Any chance that you are also selling written copies of your book (even if just as a downloadable file)? I've never been a fan of audio books (too impatient, I think), but I'd really love to read your book.

    If it's available only as an audio book, I'm still interested, of course. So how do I go about buying your book?


  3. @Gary...It will be in your box shortly. Thank you.

    @Word Nerd...You can order one through my email for $7 if I mail it to you. I can send you a downloadable file if you prefer. That is what some of the publishers have asked for so I do have that. if you want to go that way, just let me know.

  4. So far Island Princess has brought tears to my 3 times and I'm only half through it. You are a gifted story teller Kid!I'm looking forward to hearing the rest tomorrow. Thanks Jo

  5. @Doil...Thank you so much. I am so happy to be sharing her story with people who are touched by her life. I really love her.

  6. Finished your book,loved it! I recommend it.As for audio books, for a dyslexic like me it's so much better than reading..Thanks again, Jo

  7. @Doil...Thank you so much. I will let you know when I get the next one done. Going to work on Summer in Martinstown next. That is my most recent novel.

  8. Loving the book. Even though We are at Chapter 5. With every chapter it gets more and more inspiring. Thanks Aunt Jo. You are a wonderful author and love the voice.

  9. @Heather & Jeff...I appreciate your support so much. Also very glad you are enjoying getting to know my friend. Love ya both.


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