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Monday, October 10, 2011

Clarity...GBE2 Prompt for week #21


 Muddled minds live muddled lives.  I don't like disorder in my surroundings anymore than I like disorder in my mind.  Life seems to feed us just enough stuff to muddy our thinking sometimes.  We know just enough to toss things around inside our heads until we have a kind of tossed salad of ideas.  Trying to see all sides of a situation before making a decision is usually a good idea.  Planning before acting is usually a good idea.  We call this kind of thing thinking it through and making informed decisions then being prepared to overcome possible problems before they actually occur.  This is mature thinking and reasoning and for the most part, it's a good idea for all of us.

Do be aware, however, on the way to this mature way of handling everyday things in our lives, one can become a full blown hot mess.  It is easy to over think things and completely dirty up your brain.  Once you have entered all the information you think you need to make a decision or prepare for some action, you have all the positives and negatives in one place, namely your head.  It's full of info and plans and if you aren't diligent, it will end in a total meltdown.

Clarity comes when you enter all the information and then sit back and STOP THINKING.

Let the information mull around unattended.  It will amaze you how just letting go will sometimes put everything in perspective.  Oh, I don't believe we actually do this alone.  I believe God lends a hand.  I picture it as him waiting patiently for us to gather our info, load it into our brain and then when we press "save to folder", he reaches in and sorts it all out for us into completely formed ideas and plans and decisions.

It might not work for everyone, but for always works.

I do the prep work and I do the follow up work, but I leave the worrying part to Him.  I maintain mental clarity 99% of the time because that 1% is the mud I have to create to gather my sources into that one area where God can take over and lead me down the right road.

Let Go and Let God.



  1. Great job Jo. My thinking "i can fix this" has been my worst enemy. Trying to figure everything out is an exercise in futility. Going to God first has never let me down.

  2. Hey, I think you just implied I'm immature.

    Actually, I like a simple, streamlined life, and when things go wrong, I make a plan and do my best to avoid stress. Clarity is a zen moment.

    (Living with Rob Dammit I have to be flexible.)

  3. Velda... Again, you entered my mind as I was writing this. You would be one of the many who I love in real life and am so happy to have connected with here as well. The "fix it" syndrome is a killer. I think I have shed myself of that, finally. God is so much better at it than I am.
    Glad you liked it and glad you commented so I would know that.

    GpD...I wouldn't say being immature is a bad thing necessarily even if I did say it! LOL Sometimes that's where all the fun is.
    I believe in flexibility too and that is one place I am not really strong! Flexing my plan kinda irritates me, just a bit.
    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I love that!

  4. God sees the truth but waits.....
    he waits fo us to see it for ourselves, allowing us to experience clarit

    A comforting post here, with elements of truth woven in!
    Wishing us all clarity to see the Peace within us! Marc :)

  5. Thank you Marc for always stopping by and sharing. Maintaining the peace within is my constant pursuit. If I just quiet myself long enough, He will provide.

  6. Yes, how I love to sit back and receive the clarity God has for me in any situation.

  7. I could not agree with you more! This was an inspiring and heart felt blog. My goal is always to maintain a sense of peace and harmony in my home. It takes self control and like you said, wait, pray and listen.

  8. I love this and I do it too. "Let go and Let God" I can't stand being too prepared. It never worked for me. My sister may say it drives her nuts but it works for me and I do let go and let the lord decide the worry.

  9. 2! I appreciate you stopping by.

    beachlover...we are on the same page! Thanks for sharing.

    Laura...Whatever works for you is perfect. lol Thanks for stopping in and sharing with me.

  10. This makes a lot of sense. I'm a reformed over-thinker and life seems to make more sense ever since I started letting go and just trusting my judgement to carry me to the right places. If by some chance it doesn't? I trust in my inner strength and in past experiences that somehow, it all works out even when it doesn't work out the way it was planned. Kind of like all roads leading to the same outcome but some are just more curvy and longer than others.

  11. DWV...You are so funny. Thanks for stopping by and sharing and as you know, your inner strength will get you where you need to be! <3

  12. I'm a complete over thinker. I can only stop when insanity wins the battle in this house.

    Still a work in progress...:)

  13. I've never been a 'good idea kinda fella', though I've dabbled in the 'seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time' realm.....

  14. Amy...Keep working on it! It's a learned behavior.

    Hank...LOL I know a lot of people like you! I will say they add a lot of laughter to my life and that isn't all bad. :)

  15. Ha! "Let the information mull around unattended." What a great line! I love that! I can, in small moments, allow that. Trying to improve that situation. Thanks for your take on this!

  16. Cherie...thanks so much for stopping and leaving your thoughts. It isn't easy to learn to just let go, but once you learn it, it really lightens your load. :)

  17. YUP ITS EXACTLY WHAT I DID THIS WRITING ASSIGNMENT!! and boy did i cry...the lil girl with the purple plastic purse hit me hard..and then remembrance of my ex and the reason i fell in love with him..facing abandonment..mine was easy but when he treated his son like pained me so...

    OK on a lighter note....i bought your book just now!! WOOT WOOT congratulations..i had NO IDEA of your success..and blessed to know this..and happy to help support "your voice" hehe such a great family we have here in GBE world!

  18. I tend to be an over-thinker, but not nearly as much as I used to. :O)

  19. Brenda...It's all there in your piece and you made me feel it.
    I just got notification of your purchase, but I am not seeing the order...I am going to pm you in a few.

    Beth...Really? I wouldn't have thought that! You surprise me, every now and again!


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