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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


GBE2 has prompted us with "Ownership" so here is my take on this one.  Please let me know if you stopped by ... a quick comment?

In a perfect world people would take ownership of their own actions and words.  That would make me a happy woman.  I can respect a person who makes a huge mistake, if they just own it.  Own it and either explain it or apologize for it, if there is no explaining.

I can hardly bare how much buck passing is done in this world.  No one wants to take responsibility for anything they have said or done and it's okay with so many people! I am just appalled at all the shoulder shrugging when someone causes harm to another and then blames everyone or everything except themselves.  Here it is, Bucko, plain and simply:  If you did it or said it, YOU did it or said it.  YOU need to own it.  Your parents didn't cause you to do it.  Your not having a job didn't cause you to do it.  Your emotional weakness may have caused it, but YOU own THAT, as well.

Please parents, can't we raise this next generation to say, "I said that because I wanted you to hear that."  Or "I did that and it was really wrong, I'm sorry."  "I don't have any idea why I did that, but I know it was a mistake."

Why is that out of the question?  It isn't just teenagers or elementary kids who do this, it's middle aged people who have lived long enough to learn all the places they can lay the blame.  It's all about every one and every thing in their past.  It's never just because they screwed up or had a stupid moment.  Sometimes it IS just because you had a stupid moment and, get this now, this is important:

   Sometimes you just do stupid things and sometimes you hurt someone by speaking    without the benefit of thinking first!

It is okay to admit it and move on.  I don't know anyone who hasn't ever done anything wrong or hurtful.  But I know a lot of people who never meant to.  I also know a lot of people who have never said they were sorry for anything.  I think that's a shame.  I think it's ridiculous.  "I'm sorry" will start the healing~ every time.  I have even been known to say, "I'm sorry that I'm so stupid sometimes."  Because you know what?  Sometimes I'm just stupid.  STOOPID.

A lot of serious problems within your own life would go away if you could just make yourself OWN everything you do.  Own everything you say and suddenly, you will find people hold you in a little higher esteem.  

Own your attributes and own your mistakes.  It's all human and it's all good.

You can't own people, but you can own their respect.



  1. hi

    I'm not sure there's much we can do when the world around us is telling us you can get away with it if you just keep your mouth shut and deny everything. People aren't held accountable, in fact they end up getting bonuses and failing upwards because they know the right crowd. It's a very weird entitled generation that's been created and I'm not sure what we can do to snap them out of thinking they can sing badly on tv and becomes superstars (especially as it turns out they actually can).

    Thought provoking post.

    Moody Writing

  2. Mood took my answer! lol!

    As a mom, I hear all kinds of inappropriate stuff come out of my kids' mouths. Sometimes, behind the closed doors of our house, I might inwardly giggle at them or I might be so tired that it isn't worth the battle to correct---and just the other day it struck me how we've gotten to where we are these days in society. If children aren't corrected. If they grow to become people who think that they are entitled or that their actions have no consequences, then there is no element of ownership.

    BTW, I am far from an over-zealous, strict mother. This answer sure makes me seem it. We go day by day in this house. But this issue is a no brainer for us.

    Great post.

  3. Mood...You are so right! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And for reading!

    Amy...There you go, it's all about the parenting thing. So many parents today do not think their children need correcting EVER and Lord knows, they do!
    Thanks for sharing with me.

  4. own it RIGHT ON..and "owning it" means ACTION sorry just doesn't "cut" it for me. Gotta turn around and DO IT RIGHT. So sad..if you don't take ownership then people own so true. Cluttered mind, home thoughts now...just can't function properly and its so obvious sometimes to everyone but yourself. (now thinking about hoarder personalities) but lets not go there get my drift..((HUGS))

  5. Brenda...I do get your drift and I share the orderly surroundings making for an orderly life. I have to straightened my office before I can write there. If it's messy, that's what I see and I can't stay in my story line. Hoarders, now that's a fear of mine! I am a tosser because I never want to be a hoarder! lmbo (((hugs))) back on ya!

  6. AMEN! I take responsibility for my choices, married a man who does, and we raised our children to do the same. Even when they were very young, we approached topics with the understanding that they had choices to make and that the results of their choices belonged to them. Not harsh, but truthful.

    Great post!

  7. Beth...I tried to do the same. I married someone who wasn't so much into owning his words, but he has learned over the years and's made him a much better human. Our kids are pretty much people of their word and they have learned to take responsibility, but I admit it was a long hard war getting them there! :)

  8. Reality discipline: It's the only way. Well done Jo!

  9. Mike...Appreciate you stopping by and sharing and it really is the only way! Thank you.

  10. Mike said it right. Discipline is lacking in raising children now....sad.As always Jo well done.

  11. Jeanne...Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know it is sad and when I see parents parenting now, it just makes me soooooo happy!

  12. Great post, completely agree, Jo - and also with Mood's comment about people not being held accountable these days. It seems to be a world gone mad when people, especially those in the media spotlight, think they can get away with anything if they 'pass the buck' and refuse to admit they were mistaken or did something wrong. Makes me so mad at times!

  13. Paula...I am so with you about that! We need to teach our children by example that owning our mistakes as well as our successes is critical to being a decent human.


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