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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Serendipity and Faith

Last week was too busy to get any kind of cohesive thought organized, so this week I shall make a big effort to combine two topics which I believe go well together. Serendipity meaning happiness by accident and then faith meaning complete trust and confidence, seem to my mind to go hand in hand. Should not be difficult to create this piece, I am thinking as I begin this free write. (seat of the pants style).

Finding happiness by accident is pretty much an everyday occurrence, if you are open to it. Having faith is much more challenging for some. Believing and trusting without real and tangible proof is not an easy task for everyone; for me? Well, for me finding serendipity is my life and having faith is how I have survived without being arrested for murder or being murdered, I think.  

The simplest acts of my everyday life cause me enormous happiness. The feeding of my beloved hummingbirds comes to mind. The picture of one or all of my grand-kids while walking through a room catches my eye comes to mind. Making eye contact with either or both of our furbabies and having a spontaneous wink between us comes to mind. Sitting on the deck with coffee in hand and noticing a bunny racing across the back of the property comes to mind. So many mundane everyday things makes me ridiculously happy and all by accident. Planning on any of those things would still make me smile, but the serendipity aspect makes me giggly and keeps a certain spring in my step.

A rainbow, comes to mind.

 I have lived some very wonderful days in my life. I have lived through some very painful days in my life. Most of you can say the same. There are memories filed away that will still bring an instant tear if I dwell for more than a second. Other memories will bring a giggle in the same brief period. Those days combined make my faith not only important to me, but make my life based on my faith, essential. I am convinced beyond anyone’s definition of reasonable, that my God always has me in his hands. I know that I will always be cared for and given what I need in this earthly life because I have always been given what I need and more. I have always been able to find comfort by asking for it and believing I will get it. My faith makes no sense to many and perfect sense to many. It doesn’t matter one iota to me which you are or if you are somewhere in the middle. It is MY faith and MY life and the serendipity moments come to me because I have faith that they always will and that I will always recognize them and cherish them. 

When I pray, which is often, I pray for wisdom, guidance, strength and unyielding faith. I sometimes ask for myself and more often ask for someone else. Earthly life is not promised to be easy; not promised to be as we want; it is promised to be as He will have it. I only ask to know His will for me and then to have strength to move through it with Him. 

FAITH, comes first.  SERENDIPITY might be one of the bazillions of rewards for having it.



    my friend, i think, no strike that, this IS my most favorite piece (peace) you have written!!!!!! i love this "seat of your pants" gift!! Love the images of nature you shared in your writing and that RAINBOW and love you!!!!! ((hugs)) you are the heart beat of GBE2

    1. That is possibly the sweetest comment I have EVER gotten. You are so loving, Miss Brenda. There is no end to your warmth and giving. I love you right back. Thank you so very much. You caused a little eye leakage.

  2. Beautiful! So true - my faith makes no sense to so many as well...but that doesn't really change what I know - I don't know what I would do without being able to pray to the one who made me - chose me - and holds me in his hand. What a wonderful reward is right.

    1. Thanks and I have learned that big box religion is perfect for some and just wrong for others, so I say, if it fits, embrace it!

  3. That's my Jo...always knowing the right way to tie two prompts together and help me see a clearer glimpse into the true meaning of each.

    Thank you for sharing your words. I always look forward to reading them.

    1. You are far too kind, Susan. I just wrote from the heart and this is what developed. No editing, no rethinking, just free writing, warts and all.

      Of course, serendipity and faith are two subjects connected in my heart.

      Good to see you out here! 💗


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