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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Dear Momma,

Happy Mother's Day.

Today is your 69th Mother's Day and I hope it is one of your best. I know nothing compares to the very first one and I also know that when we were small we didn't show you the love we felt because most kids just don't really get it. Now, I get it.

Today is all about whatever makes you happy. The meal I cooked, some of your favorites. The family gathered because we don't do that often. Your three kids and their spouses for lunch and gifts and laughs.
We can always count on the laughs.

Thank you, Momma, for teaching us that life is to be lived and that there is humor all around. Thanks for showing us how to be independent thinkers and how to live a life as it comes rather than by design. Sometimes God doesn't follow the plan we made and His is the one we live. Thank you for teaching us to go with that. It makes for happier and healthier choices because somehow we know that life is never to be taken for granted. Just enjoyed and shared.

I love you as only your kid can and every day I remember how blessed I am that I was given to parents who didn't exactly plan to have three babies. This number three baby is very happy to have happened!

May 11, 2014


  1. That is a beautiful note to your mom. I hope she see's it.

    1. She did and she loves it. Thank you, Joyce

  2. Such a lovely note to your mom, and I love the picture of you and your mom, brother, and sister! Priceless Jo! ♥

    1. Thank you, Kathy. We had a lovely afternoon with Momma.


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