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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday musings...thoughts...ramblings.

We spent several hours at the beach today. The ocean water is 80 degrees now and we both spent a good amount of time in the water. I actually swam a little for the first time. I don't swim in anything but a pool. Today, though, with temps in the 90s and an ocean full of bath water, I just swam. It was very nice. I may become an ocean swimmer after all!

I look out over the Atlantic with my toes squeezing sand as the warm water washes over them and I realize how spectacular my new home is. I see the power of the rolling waves and as I walk through them, I feel the weight of them push against my legs and my body. It's almost as if it's pushing me back to shore. If I lay on water and float, I do gently flow back to shore at an angle to where I start. Gently, once I relax and float. Powerful, when I am moving under my own steam with my own direction in mind. I think very much like God. My life goes gently along in the general area I am heading, if I'm relaxed and listening. If I'm tense and pushing my way along, going my own way, the road blocks are powerful. 

I am always in awe of birds. Tiny little feathered creatures that wave their "arms" and fly! Soaring high above tree tops over miles they lightly move with such ease. Rain or shine, hot or cold, they drop by the feeders to snack and I am convinced, say hello to the humans they have become comfortable around.

Taking my evening walk was scrapped for a bike ride on Roomy's wheels. Touring the neighborhood I notice that we live in a very diverse sub. It's actually a series of subs, three, I think. Front is a trailer park. Very old and full, as far as I can tell. Then beyond that is the second sub which consists of four roads that only connect to each other and the main road, Golf Avenue. Then there is a storm drain and a row of power lines that separates that sub from Springleaf which has three development stages.

We live in Springleaf, phase two, apparently.

Our house is on the largest lot and the edge of phase three. All the new builds behind or north of us.  Our house was the last of the phase two builds, or so it appears from the earlier satellite shots from goggle earth.  Phase one is the homes on the south side of Golf Avenue.  

In these three subs live all ages, races and kinds of people. It's only a mile and a quarter in depth and about a quarter of a mile wide.
I find that although a retirement community might have been fun, this diversity interests and amuses me. Also pleases my senses. There have been no crimes here since we moved in. We have police driving through regularly waving, smiling if they pass a human.
It's safe and it's comfortable. People are friendly. Not sociable, but friendly. And nearly everyone walks somewhere, at some point.

It's nothing like anyplace I've ever lived and I'm grateful for all this has shown me. 

Following that path...the one to which we were led.



  1. I am so happy you love where you are now! How amazing to hit the beach and catch a wave in the ocean whenever your heart desires! Sounds like you are in your element Jo. ♥

    1. I am in retirement heaven with my guy. I'm not sure if life could get any better than that. Sun, rain, ocean, My screen porch it's everything we need.
      Thank you, Kathy for sharing our happiness. It means so much to know people I care about are happy for us. Big love!

  2. Now you see why I am such a happy person. We live in a wonderful area....

    1. There is no perfect place, for sure, but this is perfect for us.


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