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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year 2017

It's fun to wonder what a new year might bring. It's also scary to realize as we age that not everything another trip around the sun brings is going to be awesome. Some things are better left unknown and even unexplored mentally.

Will we be better off on this day next year? Will we be just as healthy? Will we be together? Which of our friends will still be considered part of our life, not just part of our history? Who will we meet this year that will become irreplaceable in our lives?

A new President with a Congress of his party, well, kind of the same party. Not giving DJT a pass on being a Republican, exactly. Most of his ideas are just basically thoughts with no plan to actually implement, but that could change. Or so I am told by his supporters. I can't disagree because his very platform has changed considerably both during and post campaign. Since the election he has softened or adjusted his priorities. Much more middle of the road than the ideas that got the MAGA (make America great again) members excited and drew their votes. But no one seems to care because they won. 

Personally, I plan to just live my life right here in my little corner of the world and try really hard to stay above the water line of financial drowning and maybe even save a little more now that remodeling is over. 

I'm again, going to work on being kinder and less disagreeable. I'm going to work on just taking care of my own business more and other's less. I still hope to be able to lend a hand or two when needed, but just do so without adding my thoughts. Hope my head doesn't explode!

Down the road we go and lucky for us that we are still able to do so. Moving along with reasonable health and mental stability is a gift at this point. I plan to remember that more each year.

Wishing each of you, my friends and readers, a bright and shiny new year in which to grow and prosper and become the best you.

Look out 2017, cuz we are coming to conquer!



  1. Happy New Year to you Jo! I LOVE a New Year. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I can't wait to see what unfolds around every corner because I always expect the most wonderful to unfold and of course I'm more than a little bummed when it's not so wonderful. But every New Year represents new life, every moment of every day of the year. New with possibilities that are endless. :D

    1. I like the way you think! I also like the way you come visit so loyally.
      :) Hope your new year is just amazing!

  2. Happy New Year Jo. The start of the year is always exciting. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. Wishing you a fab year - good health and happiness, peace and love.

    1. And is t that what matters most? Health, happiness and peace and love. The hat really is all there is.

  3. Moving along with reasonable health and mental stability is a gift - something we all count on as the years pass by.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful 2017, Jo!


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