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Saturday, October 15, 2022

GRIEF at 5 months

Today is the five month mark since my husband of 40 years passed and I have been left to learn. Learn what, you might ask. Who I am, now. What I am here to finish. Why I am so lost. Where I should be heading and choices to be made. I'm quite unsure who I am. I am a mother, but my children are grown and living hours away so not much mothering is needed or apparently wanted. However, I can and I am mothering my furbabies. So I've learned I can still do that, although alone is different, its doable. ✔ I believe we stay in this life until we finish our tasks. What mine might be is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I am willing to keep looking for things. It might be a thing or a long list or anything in between. I suppose I will be directed in any case. So I pray I will heed the call.✔️ The feeling of being lost is not new to me, but it is different this time. I was very lost for a short time after we lost Momma. I don't know where or how to find myself. I don't know where to begin. I am comfortable in this home. I am happy in my close friends and aquaintances here in Holiday Village. I belong here, I know. It's more a matter of where in this spot do I fit? I did invite a small group to dinner one time and it was a lot of laughs and a great meal. Yet no one has extended another invitation. I am really not sure at all what i can do to fix this except be patient and keep attending group events, which I have been doing. Time, I suppose.✔ Now where my life goes from here is my biggest question. Some days I just want to be home with the furkids and not even think about anything or anyone else. Then I feel very content, however, I dont want that to be my life. Thats why I attend any group gathering that I can and I enjoy doing that, but always wonder if I fit there anymore. Always. ✔ Last on my list is that my friend, adopted sister, is in another state and ill. She is with her kids and their kids and their kids and her husband is there now, too. I can't go for two reasons. My furkids need to be cared for and that isn't cheap and I am going to spend Thanksgiving with my kids and their kids and I will be paying for furbaby care for that trip. So financially speaking, I can only do one trip and it has to be my kids. We will keep in touch by phone and she knows I love her and am with her in spirit and heart.✔ All in all, I am doing okay, day to day. I get through each day with a fair share of laughter and still tears, at some point. Tears for missing my partner and hugger. Every day I have to say "my" something instead of "our" something. Small thing, I suppose, but still painful. "My" was never in the plans.✔ Pictures...something I am so thankful to have.✔


  1. Hi Jo...It's always a little difficult to find a purpose after a husband or loved one passes...I had the same problem when my son passed. I know u must feel lost and maybe like a third wheel at social events...I guess that's expected.
    Ur going to have so many mixed feelings while experiencing this emotion called doesn't go away, u just learn to live with it.
    I truly believe u will find ur way and things will get better...Mike is watching over u everyday.
    I always ask my spirit guides to help me emotionally and guide me to finding myself...believe it or not it works..
    Bless u Sweetie, piece of mind will come sooner or later, just takes time.
    Love U !❤️
    Lynda Harris

  2. Ty. Whoever you are.

  3. You're very wise to continue attending group events, Jo. You are a people person, so I'm glad to hear that you aren't shutting yourself away. I hope invitations are forthcoming and I find it a little sad that they haven't been. I've seen your posts for years now, planning events and encouraging others to join the fun. I hope whatever awkwardness (or whatever it is) that people are feeling melts away and the phone starts ringing more.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Holding her, you, and all who love her close. ❤

  4. Thank you Beth…it’s a process. Mo ing one foot in front of the other.

  5. Thank you for all of this. It’s wonderful and soothing. 7 months now and Christmas and my birthday in the rear view, makes me feel a little more settled. I survived without having to just go to bed. I didn’t walk around in a funk. I simply remembered some wonderful Christmases and how Queen for a day I was for every birthday. Made me smile. Made me cry. The good cleansing cry. I’m finding more and more acceptance of this life and of course, going out more than I wanted to sometimes has been good for me.
    I cooked what I wanted for Christmas dinner and will enjoy that again today. I made a pot of cheese and vegetable soup. It was cold here and it was exactly what I wanted. Still want it, so I’ll be having it again today.
    I love you so much and am so grateful I get to be the mom.


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