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Sunday, April 15, 2012


This might be the most perfectly timed prompt I’ve had in quite some time. I am not quitting anything, but I am reorganizing my priorities. Everyone needs to do that now and then, don’t they?  Doesn’t life just get jumbled up sometimes and things that shouldn’t be taking a third of your life are doing just that while the really vital things are slipping into second or third place on the “to do” list? 

I always have a “list” of some sort lying around. It might be my Spring list which is a long term goal kinda thing. I have however much time it takes to accomplish these, but have set a light weight done date at Mother’s Day weekend.  We will have some company that day I would like to be done with those jobs by then.  I will do flower planting and lots of other fun things after that, but the basic things on that list, I hope are finished by then. If not, I will just keep plugging away until they are, in fact, donito!

The other lists I keep are usually for this day’s activities or non-activities. You know the kinds of jobs or chores that you would like to do, will probably try to do and might or might not be completed by the end of the day. I have no problem with things being carried over to the next day because I probably will get at them that next day. If I don’t, they probably don’t really have any priority attached to them. Many of my chores don’t really have priority, but I wish they were done. My mood determines whether or not any of them get done. I keep a mental list of the jobs I need to do “someday”.  Now and then, I just write one or two of those on the “today” list and make a big effort to wrap one of them up and put it away, off all lists
Today and maybe all week-end, I am going to make an effort to accomplish a really big list. I am going to prioritize my thinking. Yep. My head needs to be prioritized so that my actions will follow. It’s a big job in a cramped space. (My mind isn’t very big, but it is so packed with stuff that I might qualify as a hoarder, mentally.) Purging the useless time wasters while maintaining some fun time wasters is my challenge and one that is long overdue.

So I am actually quitting something; I am quitting the procrastination of changing some of my every day habits into new ones that make me happy and content.

Yep, another mind numbing and cleansing blog from



  1. So many to-to lists; seems like they are the dragon's teeth. Whenever I cut the head off one, two grow back in their place.

    Then again, I do need lettuce.

  2. I know what ya mean, I am such a list maker though, got a list for everyday and a list for long term and list for in the next few weeks. But without those, I'd just run from thing to thing and not accomplish anything.

  3. Something I think we all need to do now and again. I think it's about time for me to do it...I call it my "brain dump" because there is so much up there I can't keep up with all of it!

    1. Good description of it! No one can keep everything all the time. A clear head is a good thing. ♥


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