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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hi there and welcome to the HOME page of
My Wandering Mind.

You will find me here, oh, I'm JO!  Hi, *waving* and *smiling*, a couple times a week. Now, in the summer months I may be absent often because the sun and the warm pulls me outside and I find other things to occupy my hands and my mind. Writing does take a backseat until early fall.

I add something three times a week or more if I can't comfortably be outside without a coat. That's my guide for outdoor activity, if it requires a coat, I'm not playing.

Sometimes I write about my family. I would write about my friends if I had any. I make up people to write about quite often. And I LOVE writing about myself.  ;-)  ♥

If you're interested, I have books on Kindle and  nook.

1) The Island Princess...the story of a girl I knew online for over 3 years and never met. Her life was inspirational to me and I tell her story with all the love I felt for her.
(currently off line for rewrite.)

2) Beautiful Betsy...purely fiction and it tells the story of Betsy's life from before her conception until her first grand child is born.  This one takes place in Durand, Michigan. What a coincidence!  I live in Durand!  Wow, weird.

3) Summer in Martinstown is all about the Brady's who live in Georgia and we follow them through one summer of their lives. Some very high moments and some very difficult times. This one begs for a follow-up, but I haven't been in the mood for a Georgia visit since I finished it, so not yet.

I do not blog about those books. But the audio versions of them are available →→→→→→→
over there.  Just in case you're traveling and want a nice read.

I am 63 and married to a really good guy. He is talking retirement this Christmas and I hope he does. I retired a few years ago from hairdressing and haven't looked back. I loved my job and it was good to me for many years, but retirement is my life now.

We have 9 grand daughters and 1 grandson and my momma lives 2 miles from us in a lovely little apartment.  I am her taxi and I really enjoy spending time with her. October 2012 she  turned 90 and is in really good health.  We are so lucky in so many ways.

Did I mention that I have won many beauty contests?  NO?  Probably because I haven't. I hardly ever lie, so that's why I didn't say that, probably.

That's it....find some title over there that might interest you and clickity click away!  

Feel free and some moderate pressure to comment after reading.  I would hold a grudge, but I can't remember long enough for that to be effective.

Lovely meeting you...btw....Jo  ♥


  1. Love your sense of humor, Jo! Congratulations on your three books. Look forward to getting to know you.

    1. *looking humble* Thanks so much Helene...welcome to my world of words.
      I will be honored to be among your friends and worshipers.

  2. You are such a sweetheart--and FUNNY! And really, who doesn't like talking about themselves?

    1. Oh, I thought you would say, "Who wouldn't like to write about Jo Heroux?"

      I know a lot about my subject that way, writing about me, I mean.

      ♥ u and thanks for the sweetheart thingy...I love hearing that. ♥♥♥

  3. So lucky to know another Michgander! Fun to know your blog! Thanks for the glimpse into your life!

    1. It was my pleasure to create this, well, long overdue...HOME

      Nice to be getting to know you, as well. Beautifully blonde magnificent you!

  4. I enjoyed reading about you here on this page and it sounds like you really enjoy your life (which is what we are suppose to do) and have a great talent to share with us.

    1. I really do enjoy my life, Grace and thanks for letting me know you were here. It's great getting to know you. ♥
      And thank you for the great talent comment, it sorta made me blush!

  5. Updating info contained above, Home Page

    Writing has been scarce with the retirement of the Roomy. Life has changed and I am slow to reorganize.

    The Island Princess has been pulled from publication and is being rewritten by the unsatisfied author.
    That is a very slow WIP, but such a labor of love requires concentration and time. Much time.

    That's about it for now and I will get back to blogging very soon! This winter of 2013 was a big season of change and finding ME again means I must write.


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