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Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have never been one to make a list of things or even choose one thing to promise to change or accomplish in the new year.  Resolutions are not one of my things, you could say.  I often think of things that I need to work on about myself throughout the year and consequently, see no need to set aside one day to list all my shortcomings.  Not really enough room on this page for that anyway!  What I have decided to do this year, however, is list some really gigantic changes I believe I need to make and then list a few things I believe I do well.  My thinking is that I won't get overwhelmed with either if they are listed together.  I won't be beating myself up and I won't be getting all puffed up either.

1)  I resolve to increase my "filter".  Fewer words will escape without first going through my filtering system.

2)  I am good at saying what no one wants to say, but everyone knows needs to be said.  I can almost always do so in a kind way.

3)  I resolve to achieve #2 in a kind way, every time.

4)  I think of my family every day.  Wonder what each of them is doing at the moment they enter my mind.  I am not intrusive.  I don't call every time I would like to hear their voices because none of us would get anything else done.  And they would never take my calls.  Damned called ID.

5)  I resolve to spend more time face to face with my grand children and children this year.

6)  I make sure at least one meal a day is fairly healthy for my husband who isn't so good at making good food choices when left to his own devices.

7)  I resolve to be a more giving and loving person.  There is always room for improvement here.

8)  I am confident that I have told everyone in my life that I love them, if I do.

9)  I resolve to accomplish more than even I believe I can in 2012.

10) I am honest and straight forward and no one wonders how I feel about anything.

So that's my list and I think it's a start.  I could be so much more than I am and I could give so much more than I give, but one area I feel really good about is that I love a lot and I am loved a lot.  And really, that's the basis for my life.

Happy 2012 to each of you reading and may blessings fall all around you throughout the upcoming months.

Perhaps I will also make an attempt to be a little lighter on occasion when blogging.  Although writing with humor is not my strength, perhaps I need to expand!



  1. So nice, the way you write about "your life." And I like your resolutions!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Good list, Jo. #2 is a good thing, just so you keep #1 and #3 in mind. ;O)

  3. Linda...thank you. "MY LIFE" is really all I am an expert about! Always hope I'm not boring people with my stuff.

  4. Beth...Thanks. Yeah, that's the key! :)

  5. do? Thanks, Sweety. I'm not so sure.

  6. OMG...Jenn? When exactly did you change your name? I just saw this on my email and went, what? I must have been thinking of her? Maybe shouldn't go there. *giggles*
    So sorry, Trish! I am older now than when last we spoke? Maybe, no, that isn't even true. Well, it kinda is, every minute we get older.

  7. Taylor...right back at cha! ♥

  8. Great New Year Resolutions. Now lets see how many you keep.;) Good writing, nice style

  9. Hi, this is Tony. I like your dual-list idea Jo. But I have a question; who is it that you maybe don't love? Probably that Mike guy you're always hassling eh? Me neither, he is so unlovely.

    BTW. I hope you don't over filter. The world needs some heartfelt honesty.

  10. Sondra...thanks for stopping by.

    Mike...errrr Tony...I don't think you need to worry that I will ever over filter, just filtering at all is proving difficult! That Mikey guy you speak of, oh I find him so lovely ♥ and I think I could love everyone in my life just a bit more.


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