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Friday, December 9, 2011


Writers' Post #26

There are so many reasons to celebrate in our lives.  We celebrate achievements. We celebrate marriage, birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, job promotions, holidays and the list goes on and on, doesn't it?  We celebrate with the appropriate people for each occasion and share the delight of whatever has happened.  Ever notice how often wine or spirits are part of celebrations?  Wonder why that is?  I also wonder why we so often eat as part of a celebration.  In fact, some celebrations are more about the food than they are about the accomplishment or good news or whatever.  

I love a good celebration!  Let me say that right up front, I am a celebratin' kind of girl.  I am such a partier, I don't even need to have a real reason to celebrate.  I think life is reason enough.  I also think friends are reason enough.  Got friends from out of town coming over?  Have a party! Celebrate and do it up good.  And cook something to share.  Maybe the guests favorite food, or something traditional for the season or something you know you make really well.  Good food, good friends and you've got a party.  Maybe a good bottle of wine or a good case of beer will round out your plan.  Gotta love a party.

Around here, summer equals party time.  We love to throw a party or 10 during the summer months.  We have sufficient outdoor space and I love making food for guests and of course, I love having friends over anytime.  I like to share my current favorite wine with anyone who might like to try it and we always have a large supply of beer and soda pops of various types.  I don't need an occasion to throw a celebratory get together between May and October.  

Now of course, we are entering the Christmas celebration period and I used to love this time of year the most.  I always looked forward to the big family gatherings and food of all sorts all day or week-end long.  Plenty of egg nog for those who enjoy the holiday treat and plenty of coffee, tea or beer or wine for the others.  A little Bailey's in that nog is amazingly festive!

The little ones always love the baked treats that seemed to magically appear for them at every Christmas or Thanksgiving get together.  (Magically, after G-ma had stood in the kitchen for 3 days non-stop mixing, dropping and baking cookies by the hundreds until a thousand or 2 appeared on platters for them to eat here and in boxes for them to take home. )  I always loved watching them play with each other and us while on their sugar highs!

Christmas celebrations are so much more fun with the kids around!  I love that part. I also love the cooking, the visiting and the nog with Baileys!  Momma and I start enjoying that every Christmas Eve upon returning from my sister's delicious dinner.  We have just one or two to 'take the edge off' so we can get a good night's sleep.  (That's our story and we're stickin' to it!)
Roomy started buying us a bottle years ago and that tradition is still alive and well.  She will spend the night with us and stay all day Christmas until dinner is done and cleared.  Our Christmas morning is just the three of us and then we wait until whoever is coming over gets here.  There will be a nice breakfast, gifts exchanged and no doubt, a nap!  

Celebrate each in your own way, but maybe take a few minutes to remember that the birth of Jesus is the reason for this celebration.  Maybe just a  moment at some point during the day you could just bow your head and whisper a thank you and happy birthday.  

And the next day...if you have a minute, do the same thing.  Oh, but this time, you can add "to Jo" at the end!   LOL

Merry Christmas all and to know the rest!



  1. Very nice, Jo! I love a good party, too. :O)

    When I was a kid, we used to have a birthday cake (and we'd sing Happy Birthday!) for Jesus. My beliefs aren't the same as my parents' and I don't celebrate the same things/way, but the gathering of loved ones and the joy of togetherness is reason enough to celebrate.

  2. I would have loved the birthday cake idea...might have gotten a birthday cake that way! lol I've only had 3 ever! Oh well, who wants cake when the house is full of cookies, candies and whatever else one might imagine!

    You're right about the togetherness thing! ♥

  3. I love a good celebration too. You go, Party Girl, and Merry Christmas!


  4. Joyce, Celebrate ♫ good times ♫ come on! ♫ ♫ ♫

  5. I love a great party!! I would love to have room enough to have people over regularly during the summer.

  6. Jenn...that is truly the best part of this house. The back yard and the pool area! We have a fairly large deck with awnings that open to protect from the sun and we literally just about live out there from mid April to the end of September. Parties are so fun...summer. *sigh*


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