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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Songs

My Favorite Christmas Song(s)
BFF #149

This one is fairly easy for me.  I am a huge Elvis fan and his version of "Blue Christmas" is near the top of my list.  I love it and I love how he delivered it.  It is not my favorite, but one I always want to hear on Christmas Day.

Just clickity clickity and Go hear to see and hear him...

Topping my must hear list is "Holy Night" and I like several different covers of this one.  The one I usually choose is Neil Diamond's version.  I love his voice and I love the true feeling in his singing of a song most Jewish children didn't learn at their holiday services.  :)  It makes me smile to know that he can make me believe he believes every word he is singing.  

Clickity click here for this one!

Elvis also does a song that I enjoy all year's called "Mama Liked the Roses" and I nearly cry every single time I hear it.  Most aren't familiar with this one since it was never a big hit, but it is beautiful.  Knowing how much he adored his mother makes it even more heart warming to me and the fact that I adore my Momma might have something to do with it as well.

Grab a kleenex and listen to this click

I put the 5 disc player on early in the day on Christmas and these three along with about 150 more songs will play throughout the day.  Softly singing behind all the noise or being the center of a quiet moment, I can't get enough Christmas music.  I will occasionally just play one cd out of the blue during the year, just to remember the Christmas feeling.  It'll probably be a selection from Elvis does Christmas!  He always makes me happy.

One more from Andy Williams....

And with that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with peace~joy~love.  2012 holds great promise.

Jo (ho ho ho)



  2. Jeanne...You are so welcome. I love touching your heart and I really love the classic Christmas songs done by classy people. :)

  3. Ah, Jo. You know I love me some Elvis and "Blue Christmas" is my favorite E Christmas tune. I hadn't heard "Mama Liked the Roses" in quite some time. Love that too. But, my favorite Christmas song (non-religious) is "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. I know you had Andy's version, but Nat's is "king" with me!

    Chele :)

  4. Great choices as well. I love this time of year: smells, music, family, great mix right?

  5. Chele...we must be related. I like Nat singing that too, but I always think of Andy's old Christmas shows and I loved when he sang that. It's good to remember ...

  6. Claudia...again, I couldn't comment on your page. it doesn't like me sometimes. I have no clue what the words are, but the last song on your list is amazing. Thanks for stopping...I love all of that as well.

  7. O Holy Night is my favourite. I like Neil Diamond's version, in fact I like anyone singing it, but maybe Susan Boyle is the one I like most.

  8. Paula...I like her version, too. It's a fabulous song. And one I cannot sing. Requires a very large range and I can't do it.

    Laura...Thank you! I love classic songs by classy men! :) And women, too. lol

  9. Clifford...I expected you to just laugh at my list! I thought you would have a completely different idea of cool Christmas tunes. Shows ya what I know, eh? Thanks.

  10. I love Christmas songs too.

    And Elvis does have pretty Christmas music.

  11. I love holiday music. Add snow and it's pretty much perfect.

  12. I love all those songs too!!!


  13. Great choice of songs - O Holy Night is one of my favourites too and I had it on my post too!

  14. Ashley...It's good to find an Elvis appreciator! :)

    Bethie...No snow and it's still pretty perfect!

    Kathy...We are related, I think!

    Suzy...I saw that you did and I don't really care who is singing it, as long as they can sing high and low!

    Merry Christmas to you all and huge thank yous!


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