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Monday, December 5, 2011

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things
BFF #147

My favorite things is an easy topic for me because I don't really have a lot of things that could fall in this list, but there are many things in my life that I would miss so much if they were to suddenly become unavailable.

I have written much on the people in my life that would be my favorite so I'm not going there on this one.  I'm gonna talk actual "things" like stuff.

Number one on my list of favorite things is good, rich, dark coffee.  Therefore, I must have my Keurig coffee maker.  I am on my second one in as many years and they are expensive, but I really don't care.  I have never had better and fresher coffee ever from any other coffee maker and I am passionate about my coffee.  I bought a model two steps up with my second Keurig.  The first one was a simpler, 2 cup choices and smaller water reservoir model.  It was nice, but I wore it out in just over a year.  The current one offers 5 cup sizes including travel mug size, love that.  It also has a 64 oz. reservoir, which allows me to make 4 big mugs of coffee before refilling.  That's 4 giant cups of deliciously perfect coffee!  So good and so easy and so fast and I so love this coffee maker.  I will not be without something like this in my future.  As they invent bigger or faster or better, I'll likely go to one of those, but right now, I own the absolute Cadillac of coffee makers.

Second on my list would be this laptop.  Now, I do love my desktop and I do most of my novel writing, editing etc. on that one, but this laptop is making blogging so easy, so convenient and I can sit here in my recliner, dog by my legs laptop on the arm and my knee and just go crazy!  Love it!  I can check FB all day long without going into the office and sitting down, booting up and then checking emails and FB.  I just sit down, pick up the laptop, hit a key and I'm in!  Awesome!  Never really used the other laptop I had much because it was very heavy and very HOT on my knee!  This one is much cooler and weighs like 2 pounds, I think.

Third would be my pool.  I have owned it since we bought this house in 1999.  It has been the source of some serious stress and a lot of happy, carefree hours as well.  There is nothing I enjoy more than laying by the pool reading or floating around on the water soaking up sun.  Swimming is my favorite sport and I seldom miss a day in the pool in season.  We put a heater in a few years back because I really don't like cold water and since that addition, I have really loved my pool.  I would miss having one now if we moved and didn't have one available.  It is most definitely a luxury, but one I would like to have from here on.

Speaking of the pool...(I can't even believe I am adding this to my list because I never, ever wanted one of these, but now that I have it, I don't want to be without one again) my Kindle.  I couldn't imagine why anyone would want one of those.  I love books.  The feel, the smell, the page turning, the experience of reading a book would be gone with one of those crazy things.  I am a techie, I want the fastest phone, computer, gps.  I want the latest whatever is out, but an e-reader?  Why would anyone want to upgrade from a classic book?  I got one as a gift.  I was NOT gracious when I opened it.  I am quite ashamed about my instant reaction, but I will tell you a bit about how awful I was.  I had stated just a few weeks prior, to the gift giver that I didn't like anything about e-readers.  Didn't have even the slightest interest in owning one.  I love books.  Period.  Then I open my own new Kindle being given to me by two families, whom I love, with the lighted leather cover and a big ole gift certificate to get me started.  Oh dear.  Did I just smile and say "Thank you" as I had always instructed my children to do?  Nope.  I looked the giver right in the eye and said, "You've got to be kidding me! Do you NOT listen to anything I say to you?  Did we not just have a conversation about how I do NOT want one of these?"  Oh, yeah.  I said that and maybe more.  I was horrid.  He was gracious, as he was taught.  He said, "I know you think that, I did, too until I got one.  I just want you to check it out and then you can return it if you really don't like it.  I know you think they are stupid, but that's because you haven't actually tried one, yet.  Just set it up and read a book."  

I don't know where exactly it went from there, but I did recover a little bit and told him that I would do that, but to please not be upset when I returned it because, seriously I LOVE BOOKS!  

Besides me being an ass, ruining Christmas and hurting my child's feelings, the rest of the day went fairly well.  I put the Kindle back in the box and dreaded having to even mess with it, but I promised and he seemed so invested in me liking this damned thing...

The Kindle didn't really get used until March.  We went on vacation and I loaded up the Kindle with books and went on a 3 week road trip.  I read those 4 books I had loaded and bought several more.  I was never without something to read and I didn't have a trail of paperbacks left at motels across the country.  I was beginning to think this wasn't so awful.  I especially liked never being without a book! No browsing a book store, just browsing a list.  Clickity click, I bought a book!  By the end of summer I had put a lot of hours on my Kindle.  I have not held a book since March.  I really love my Kindle and have told the givers many times that they were right and their Mother is a jerk!  I don't want to be without my Kindle.

Last on my list of bed.  It's just right.  Not too firm, not too soft.  When I lay down, it is cool and warms within a few minutes. There is quite a difference in my size and my roomy's size and in our previous bed, if he moved, I moved by default.  Not so with this one; we don't disturb each other with movement. (Like the bowling ball being dropped on a bed in that old commercial!) It is big and just perfectly perfect.  I love my bed and don't look forward to when I have to purchase another mattress.  First because they cost a fortune and second because I'm afraid I'll never get another perfect one.

I thought about listing my furbabies, but they are NOT things.  They are furpeople and actually I belong to them, so no.  



  1. I'd love to pour you a cup of coffee, but honestly Jo, I can keep the same pot going all day. Yup, I can even drink airline coffee. :)

  2. GpD...I am really not a coffee snob, I can drink almost any coffee, BUT once you have one of these gourmet pots, I tell ya, it's like the bestest coffee maker every single time perfect coffe making machine! They should be paying me.

  3. You sound like my kind of people! I love your list. I would love to have one of those coffee pots and also a Kindle but haven't managed those yet.

  4. Okay, Kindle question...and because I am a huge book lover too (the real thing). And right now my biggest reasoning for not investing in an e-reader is that I read books extremely fast and I have a great website where I can swap books with others and receive 4-5 books for $5-$6 shipped. So here's my question, have you spent the same amount on books as you would have buying them in the store? I'm pretty spoiled with this website and just have a hard time paying full price for a book unless someone gifts it to me because I read so fast.

  5. Taylor...Depends on what you want to spend. Books go from free, 99 cents up to around 12.00 a few higher. It is def cheaper than buying books. But there is no way, that I am aware of to sell them from your Kindle library to someone else. That would be cool though. I have four books for sale on Kindle and Nook and they are each around $6. I really enjoy mine, seriously.

  6. Kat...your comment just now showed up on my page, how weird! anyway, thank you for commenting. Save yur pennies and watch for sales! I really can't say enough about my Keurig! The Kindle, you could win a free one! Keep signing up on the Kindle page. Also check ebay, often! I have seen the basic one for 40.00 and heard they sometimes go as low as 30.00

  7. I love my Kindle! Now I want the Kindle Fire... I get a daily email for free books on Amazon. I must say that for free, many, many of them are really good books. Also, I have downloaded games and cookbooks... All for free. If anyone wants to sign up to receive this free email, you can sign up here:

  8. So your son was right and you were wrong. Men are always right aren't they JO?

  9. Darlene...I agree...the freebies are awesome! I have gotten several as well. Kindle rocks. I kinda like the Fire, too, but mine is only a year old and I can't justify buying a bigger, faster, better one, YET.

  10. Mike...That is correct and I have told him very often! He loves that. He loves that because men or seldom if EVER right and it was such a unique experience for him~and of course, me, too.

  11. Keurig, laptop, and pool. Yep, yep, and yep!

    I have the Kindle and I like it a lot, but I still strongly prefer real books. I was SO anti-Kindle before I got mine (it was a gift), though I kept looking at it and wondering whether to give in or not.

    Oh, and I'm not sure if you know this or not, but some Kindle books can be 'loaned' once (for two weeks, I think) to a friend with a Kindle. Not all, but some.

  12. Clifford...Coffee is a good thing!

    Beth...I knew you would agree with most of this list! LOL My Kindle was a gift also and I didn't want it, as I wrote about, but now I absolutely LOVE it. Have not held but one paper book since last Christmas. Yeah, I do know about the loaning thing, but I also love the free books!


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