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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Moon over Durand August 27, 2012
photo~Jo Heroux

Don't know how it happens
Nor do I know if it matters at all
But this night of a full moon 
Brings me back, back before the fall.

The fall, falls
Leaves are all over the ground
They aren't bright, they aren't alive
They're just there.
It's not lovely, it's death all around.

Tho' the chill in the air brings me down
The shimmering light warms my soul
It's that ball of bright light 
Which fools me, if only tonight.

Still the darkness fills every pore
It seeps into my battling self
I can't keep it at bay
I can't fight it off anymore.

Fall is death for all things that I crave
My flowers, the trees and the grass
The pool is not open nor sparkling
My bones will stay chilled until May.

Closing eyes to remember my summer
Wrapping tighter inside my big robe
Seeing sunshine and blooms and the water
Getting through this is oh, such a bummer.

Winter comes and it goes and I live through it
I even smile at the first sign of snow
It cleans otherwise nasty browness
But I don't venture out to feel it.

Spring arrives and my heart feels lighter
I clean up and I plant and I putter
I open that pool with great vigor
Every cell of my being is brighter.

Waking to hot, humid days
My eyes are covered with shades
Coffee on the deck
Hummers feeding and chirping
I'm alive again, I feel again. 
The water glistens again
I am warm. I am happy. 
I am ME in Summer.



  1. I loved how you evolved from one season to the next. Brilliant Jo! ♥


    1. The poem evolves not me so much! Thanks m'friend and loyal reader.

  2. Ah summer girl, I must admit I crave the bones of winter. Lovely as always.

    1. Well, Kelly, I will try to think of you and Darlene (who lives in Florida) when I am trying to survive another day of Michigan winters. I shall never be a fan.

  3. I am a winter time type of gal. Admittedly, we don't get much of a winter in Florida, but it sure is a refreshing break from the hideous summers. Last month's heat wave cost us $302. electric bill. I have to be cold. LOL

    So, while you dread the beginning of winter, I embrace it. September is my favorite month. Not only because my birthday is in Sept, but because I know relief from the summer is on the way.

    1. Our electric bill is equal payments all 12 months of $247. We also pay $325 every month for propane. Our house is only 1100 sq ft. one floor and insulated with new windows and doors. I can't feel badly that one hot month was $302 for you. I have often said that the utilities will put us in the poor house long before our taxes or cost of gasoline will because I can't do anything about the heat and lights. I just have to pay what they bill us. No company choices for elec and all the propane sales in this area are basically the same $ you just get choose the service you want.

      I understand people who can't take the heat, I am just one who can't take the cold. Same thing, different months! LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. Helps some to write about it. There may be more of my whining!

  5. Funny, I usually love fall. But this summer was so chaotic and stressful, I didn't get to unwind at all. And now a new school year is beginning and I don't feel renewed! Can we rewind?

    1. That's too bad. Renewing is always a good feeling. It happens for me late springtime. Maybe you'd will just be a little delayed.


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