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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camping Trip

BFF Challenges:
I Blog Because...#204
The More Things Change  #205
AWOL  #206
Independence Day   #207
Hopes and Fears    #208

Okay my dear and precious readers, I am about to embark on a combo post with those five prompts included in some logical and sensible way. They may seem unrelated, but I shall attempt to relate them in my musing which follows.  Thanks for playing with me, by the way.  ♥

The wind, the rain, the cold all teamed up to make this less than a pleasurable evening for Sue Anne and Charlotte. The week-end camping trip was meant to be fun and exciting not wet and miserable. The tent had blown down a dozen or so times and now was as wet inside as outside and the little heater that usually caused them to open the tent windows was nearly useless. Getting the chill of their bones so they could get some sleep was proving impossible. Happy Freakin' Independence Day.

A quick look at the clock told Sue Anne they had less than 2 hours to actually sleep and neither of them was even close to drifting off. They had signed up for a hike at 7 a.m. and it was now 5:15. She touched Char on the shoulder softly. Char was cuddled as close as  possible, spoon style to Sue Anne. In her softest voice Sue Anne spoke with her lips touching Char's ear, "Why don't we just get out of this damp sleeping bag and sit by the heater? We can just talk 'til daylight."

Char pulled the sleeping bag back and eased her achy self out of it and grabbed the blanket they had used earlier, before the rain to see if it might still be somewhat dry. It had been hanging, sort of, from the table edge near the heater and was in fact, nearly dry.  They wrapped themselves in it and each other and got as close to the heater as possible. Sue Anne kissed Char lightly on the forehead and reminded her how very loved she was. Her entire life revolved around Char's happiness and wellbeing. It was a life-long love for both of them. 

"Not the fourth we planned, huh?"

"Not exactly. It has been fun, though. The cold sucks, but the day setting up camp and checking the river and sitting by the fire before the rain, that was all really good. I love you so much, I'd be content no matter what else is going on, ya know? It's just so good to be AWOL with you. No one knows we're here. No one will be interrupting us or wanting one of us to do something or go somewhere... I love being alone and unaccounted for with you."

Sue Anne was not surprised by any of this information, but she was touched by it nonetheless. She didn't hear those words often from Char, though she did often say similar things to Char. She was much more demonstrative than Char and much more vocal, so the little pronouncement of love was well received and much appreciated.

"When we first started seeing each other, I thought we were far too different to make a couple. I thought we'd be friends. Just friends. Now I can't imagine my days without you. This week-end in the woods is exactly what we need to remind us how very lucky we are. You are most of my hopes, a few of my dreams and all of my fears.  I hope you'll share the rest of my life with me, I dream of all of our tomorrows and I fear you won't be here when I wake up one day." A tear fell down her cheek and she quickly brushed it aside, she is not a crier and it wasn't natural.

Char's arms tightened just a tad as she turned to look into Sue Anne's eyes. Her heart was full. This was the person she had always dreamed would be in her life. This person was everything she hoped for. She had found all of her fears melted when she and Sue Anne were together. 

"Baby, I don't think I could leave you even if I wanted to. I have waited every minute of my life to be with you. Long before I knew you, it was YOU I was dreaming about. This is it for me. Forever. Until death do us part. Legal or not. I take YOU." Char poured her heart out to the love of her life and felt truly Independent doing so.


It's just a moment in time. A brief look into a very personal moment of two people in love professing their commitment. Nothing more and nothing less. Had I written this with a man and a woman, it would have been mainstream and no one would have wondered if they were a couple, or parent/child or siblings. It would have been obvious. As I wrote it, it was obvious to me that they were a couple. Period. I wish life was that easy for all same sex couples. I wish everyone would just recognize that love is a gift to all who feel it and give it. I wish it was not anything to even discuss. If a person finds love, I wish we could all be happy about that for them. I so hope one day it will be that way.

We live in a world where The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.  The likelihood of my wishes coming true on this subject are slim because there will always be hatred, bigotry and prejudice against anyone who is different than someone else. We evolve, we accept and we grow yet, we still see it around us in others. How many protests, how many marches, how many gatherings and laws will have to be passed before we as a nation change our view on HUMAN rights? 

Sadly, I don't think it will ever happen. Elitists will always exist to hurt anyone they feel isn't as good or righteous as they.

Why can't all people share the same rights, freedoms and happiness? We are all humans. So simple..

Yep, The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.

I Blog Because...I need to clear my head of random thoughts and because injustices bother me and here I can state my case without having to do battle. I enjoy battle sometimes, but sometimes, I simply want to say what I think, therefore, I blog.



  1. Jo - admirable job in wrapping them all together. And I loved, loved, loved the story. This is the VERY FIRST same sex fiction piece I have read on a blog since I started actively blogging and following in January this year. With a 23 year old gay son, I cannot agree with your sentiments more and so wish this were just mainstream. However, every small step forward is a victory that I cherish for him and hope that when he is MY age, much of this will have passed as I've seen much bigotry go by the wayside in my lifetime. Do I ever think we'll be rid of it completely? Unfortunately no, I chalk that up to human nature and our falacies. However, we can make progress. Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful post. (Sorry for the length of my post!) :)

    1. No apology necessary, I love to hear your thoughts. I don't know why I haven't written more about this subject. It is very dear to me and I feel very strongly about everyone having equal rights in all things. Being gay is nothing more than who you are. Period. It isn't good, it isn't bad, it just is who your are.
      I believe I will write more. Perhaps some that isn't fiction. I am a hairdresser and have known and loved many gay people. Our family has some gay members that I love and wish all these things were theirs for the taking.
      Thank you, Amy for sharing. ♥

  2. Very touching story Jo ♥ Love is Love is Love... and it knows no boundaries.

    Cheers, Jenn.

    1. My thoughts, it is always a good thing. ♥ Thanks Jenn.

  3. Fifty years ago no one ever thought we could have a black president. Gay rights will happen. Each generation is more and more open to different life styles. Gays will be allowed to get married and we will have an openly gay couple in the White House one day. Furthermore, people will not understand how gays were not allowed to marry just as most can't understand the concept of separate drinking fountains, restrooms, etc. Mark my words.

    1. I so hope that is our future. The thing is, there will always be that little group...the ones who still now would never vote for a black, Jewish, Mormon or any other not white Christian man for president and don't think any of them are any good. Those kind will always be around.
      Thanks Joyce for your intelligence and foresightedness.

  4. You weaved all the writing prompts into one in a very seamless, profound way which resulted in a touching story of a love that knows no bounds and no prejudices. Extremely brilliant and well done. One of your best yet my friend! Bravo Jo! ♥


    1. WOW...thanks Kathy. That's big. It might be my favorite one, too. I appreciate your comments and as always your supportive friendship. ♥

  5. Great post Jo. I have a few same sex couple friends and they are all delightful people.

    1. I think people are people and some are wonderful and some not so much and who they sleep with or fall in love with is just none of my business.
      Thank you Suzy.

  6. Brilliant! I couldn't help but wonder how you were going to meld the various topics together, but I had the faith that you would pull it off and pull it off you did!!! I like that you drifted from a fiction story to the realities of the bigotry that we so desperately need to end. I love people - all kinds of people. We are all different in our own unique ways. Nobody should be judging another person. That simply is not up to us, but strangely..some people just don't get it. Well done, Jo. And, I must say that I enjoyed the serious side of you very much. I would be delighted if you would let your mind ramble in that direction more often.

    Sorry so late to your blog. I seem to have ADD lately...

    1. Thank you so much Darlene. I have very strong feelings on a few subjects and this is one. Smoker's Rights is another. Tests for voters is another, administered orally. Zoning laws. Parental rights. Divorce laws.
      Those are a few. There are more.

      I do not understand how people can stand on their bibles and denounce gay couples. If I say God wants some people to be gay, they accuse me of trying to speak for God, yet they are doing that exact thing with their judgment and with their hatred and denying citizens the very rights we are promised with our constitution and state laws. Makes no sense to me, none at all.


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