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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Purging the Furance-Play-Shithole Room

Furnace~Play Room Reclaimed

 Here is the famously missing counter in the Furnace~Play Room~Shithole room as of this morning.  There was no room for anything else to be slid in or shoved beside, although I could have piled a bit higher, I imagine.  I am so glad to be done with all of this.  Whew!

And it only took a few hours and a four trips up and down the stairs with the garbage bags, boxes and stuff for the trash.

Then I moved around to the corner area which held bedding and I had no idea what else.  Why bedding?  Because it's stuff I'm not using and couldn't throw away and hadn't found a place for it to live. *sigh*

It now has a home. Some of it went to the trash, but most of it fit nicely in some of those cupboards under that counter!  They were holding stuff from the salon I closed in 1999.  Yep, for real.  Trash now.

Then the play area.  Lot's of trash there and now just a big ole pile of good toys!

The corner  before....

  and AFTER!  Now it's just wrapping supplies and photo's plus my sewing machine and supplies. Behind the Christmas tree, which lives here!

Play Area  BEFORE



  1. Now don't you feel better! How about coming over to my house? I could use your inspiration right about now!

  2. Susan, I do feel better! So much better, I can't even tell you. I can walk into the room and turn around without hitting things. I can actually tell you what is in there now and if I want to remove something, I know where it is located. A big ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh is in order.
    Now for your place, I will come, but you have to go away for a couple of days and let me at it!

  3. Great job, Joe! I've been doing some spring cleaning myself. I hauled out 6 garbage bags of stuff to St. Vincent Paul a few weeks ago. It is a good feeling to get rid of clutter!

  4. Linda, thanks! It's the season to toss and clean!

  5. I so need to follow your lead. My room that needs cleaning out is a small upstairs room with only a spiral stairway to get to it.

  6. Kat, It's my perpetual list making! I make the list and I have to check off everything, eventually! lol This was on a list from a few weeks back and today, it just had to be done!

  7. Way to go a shakedown!!! Sometimes you just gotta.


  8. Wow, great job!! I could use you to clean up our home office/storage unit (LOL).... and especially our horror of a garage! Great post! :)-Katwin2010

  9. Kathy...It was so long over due and today I actually went into that room and wrapped a few Christmas gifts ON that counter! lol

    Katwin...Thanks! I could hire out, but owner have to leave while I purge. Are ya game?


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