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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Writer's Post #21 ~ Desire


The Writer's Post #21

Desire can lead you into so many areas you might otherwise not dare to venture. Depending on the intensity of that desire it could even create a new image of you to others. You may find yourself shedding friends who don't share your desire and making new friends just because they do share your passion.  It's powerful, very powerful if it's genuine.  Desire can be unrelenting. Should be unrelenting. Desire is so important to finding your place in this world. Without it, life can be very ho-hum.  Without it, can you really have any direction?

My desire is to be on the Best Seller's List.  My passion is writing.  I know that being picked up by a publisher is a long shot, but I keep submitting.  I keep writing.  I desire to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday.  To say more in fewer words.  The right words.  To make everything that pours from my heart into my brain run through my fingers and land on the page.  To know, without question, that every single paragraph, no, every single word of every page I write is exactly what I meant to say. I desire to have my readers feel what I was feeling as the words spilled out.  When the story is finished, I desire to feel relief and satisfaction. Then I desire to start something new.

I also have a  strong desire to have a happy marriage.  I choose to be happy in my marriage.  I could and I do occasionally,  concentrate on all the things my roomy could do better.  I do that, I suppose, because I am not perfect and so I can't allow him to be, either.  He isn't, by the way. But I choose to concentrate most of my energy on his good qualities; the reasons I fell in love with him over 30 years ago. What we are,  is a pretty good match.  I am somewhat of a talker, he is very quiet.  Oh, he talks, but more to me than to anyone else.  I am very 'this house needs fixed' project oriented and he would be just fine if everything stayed exactly how it was 20 years ago.  Remodeling the house is just not something he would probably ever think was necessary and I think it needs a major overhaul.  We will, as always, meet in the middle somewhere.  I don't think he will ever understand how involved I can get in writing and he doesn't read my work, usually.  I could be hurt by that or upset, but I choose to just consider writing my own thing that I share with all of you who choose to read it.  He doesn't complain about the time I spend, he actually says it's a good thing because I am happiest when I am deep into something I need to write.  Of course, I am!  It's my passion and my desire to create is very strong.  He gets that and I get that he isn't into it, at all.  We have a hundred differences, but our 'sames' are the important things.  We share a family. Actually, we share two families.  His and mine.  We both love all the members of each family.  We share a love of traveling.  We share a love of good food and trying new dishes, if not too exotic!  We love our home and keeping it comfortable.  I love it spotless, he loves it however it is.  I love him, however he is.

I desire a future of less house projects, so I want to get them out of the way now.  I desire a future of trips with my roomy to the Caribbean again, maybe New England in the fall, San Diego, Phoenix, South Padre Island and anywhere else that we loved when we visited before or haven't been yet and desire to see someday.  I desire days of sun. I desire peace in my heart, I have it now and I hope never to lose it. I desire to live a more loving life everyday.

Desire without action is a dream.  I'm not a dreamer.

More than anything else in life, I desire to always be loved and always have someone to love. 

So my desires have taken me someplace I might never have ventured without them.  I spend a great deal of time alone with my keyboard.  I used to be very sociable, I don't miss those days. I am happy inside.  I am healthy inside because I write.  It's my therapy and it's my release.  Words just fill up my brain and if I don't sit and spill them, I believe my head would burst.  Not literally, but figuratively.  I am driven to write and write some more. It is my second strongest desire.



  1. Lovely. A great reminder to accept those we love as they are, just as we'd like to be accepted.

  2. Jennifer...Thank you so much. I do think that is part of loving because people are truly messy and we must learn to accept the warts with the beauty.
    I appreciate you reading and sharing. :)

  3. Great post, Jo. Being happy 'inside' is the very best way to be, isn't it? And I think writing can give us so much inner satisfaction, and release too. So keep on writing, my friend!

  4. This is a great take on desires!! So cool how your husband has his thing and you have yours. Guess my husband and I are a lot like that too. :D I share your desire to write and create. As long as I could remember I wanted to be an artist. Never even entered my head to be a writer. I went to school for graphic design. Once my mother died I lost all interest in my art. I was thrilled when I finally stumbled haphazardly on the notion that I could write and fulfill that creative desire or yearning that I kept buried for so long. Like you, I am happiest when I am writing and for me...working on my little website. :D I don't think my husband "gets" it, but he will listen to my rough drafts. It helps me to read my work aloud in the editing process. Otherwise, I don't try to bother him with it much anymore. Writing is a release. One of these days your desires and dreams about writing will be realized. You are talented and your day is coming my friend!


  5. Kathy...I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support and your friendship. As I finished up the Authors Place last night, I realized that I had been dragging my feet because I was just enjoying the process. I am glad it's up and running now and I am thrilled at the attention so far, but mostly I needed a place just for my books to sit and maybe draw a little attention. I am never giving up on the publishing thing, but I do NOT enjoy the process of submitting! I can handle the rejections, they usually carry some really nice comments about my 'style' or the 'flow' being easy or how I invite my readers into the characters homes, whatever, the bottom line is always, "Thanks and try again!" *sigh*

  6. Wonderful post. Those who get published are the ones who don't give up. Hang in there and keep querying. I'm glad you have a happy marriage. My husband rarely reads my work also, so don't feel bad.


  7. Joyce...I know what you say is true, but I really don't like the submitting process. It is something different for each publisher or agent and then the inevitable thanks but you stink reply! No, I haven't got that one, yet. LOL

  8. "I am somewhat of a talker." Somewhat????? Bahahahahaha. I love the "Desire without action is a dream."

    Love ya.


  9. I once got a rejection letter that said, "Although I'm hungry for boy characters, …" He might as well have said "You stink" when he told me he was hungry.


  10. Chele...You a talker? Seriously? *holding in the hysteria* thank you for commenting, I love to get your feedback!

  11. Joyce...I'm hungry is one phrase I have not gotten on any of my rejections. My funniest was, "We like happy endings, so if you'd like to revise this one and resubmit, I'd take a harder look at it." This story is based on real life and says so in the I should make her live? hummmmmmmm If only I could.

  12. All I can say is I completely understand every word of your blog and appreciate it. I hope all your desires are fulfilled - you deserve it!

    Wonderful blog that you shared with us!

  13. Linda...Thank you so very much. It means a lot to be able to count on this group for support. You have been so kind to me and I, of course, love reading your work, as well.

  14. I think one of the best things is that you are acting on your desires--you are spending time at your keyboard and you are trying to make that desire a reality!! I bet you'll eventually make the best sellers list if you keep at it!!

    I love to write--but I have no ambition to have a best seller. I would like to write my daughter's story to help others--but I feel the story isn't quite complete. So I'm waiting...for what I'm not sure.

    Great post Jo! Cheers, Jenn.

  15. My husband is EXACTLY like yours!!! I learned very early in marriage that he would not tolerate my penchant for rearranging furniture. He wants things exactly the same always. Well, over the years, obviously we have needed to rearrange furniture due to purchases to replace worn out furniture. Recently, we replaced my husband's recliner. I liked it so much that we bought 2, which required that we rearrange the other furniture. He said 2 would not fit, so I had to remind him that we used to have 2 recliners in the living room and how it was arranged then... *sigh* So, I love the arrangement for the chairs, but not so happy with where we put the sofa. I'd push furniture around until it satisfied me, but I'm not allowed.... LOL

    I love my husband unconditionally, but when an occasional issue comes up, I remind myself that he also loves me and all my issues...

    Great blog, Jo.

  16. Jenn...Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I do have a goal and I am working towards it, but some days I am just fine doing what I'm doing. :)

    Darlene...I move stuff all the time. I hire people to fix things if he doesn't get around quickly enough, he just thinks I should leave the house exactly as it was built and well, things wear out! LOL


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