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Thursday, October 25, 2012


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I guess everyone who reads me with any regularity would already know that I like it HOT.

I am a summer girl through and through. BUT, there are some things I prefer COLD.

For example, I much prefer cold drinking water. Room temperature is okay, but I love a nice cold glass or bottle of water. I also prefer cold wine. Could explain why I am not a big red wine drinker. White wines and many fruity wines are best served cold and those are my preference. I love a good glass (or bottle) of Piesporter. My second choice is a good cherry wine from one of Michigan’s best wineries located in Grand Rapids. I also love tea, sweetened and iced down. I drink hot tea, but prefer it iced.

HOT is my preference for coffee, vegetables and soup.  I am not a fan of cold soups. Cold veggies are okay in salads, but I don’t eat many cold vegetables on their own. Iced coffee is low on my list, but a good Frappe from McDonald’s is fabulous!  It could be the ice cream and whipped cream that make that a good choice.

Now having said that stuff, room temperature is my choice for a lot of foods, such as cheese, fruits, candy, chips, sandwiches and probably more if I really pondered it long enough to be complete. I have learned over the years that many foods are just more flavorful if served at room temperature.

So HOT or COLD? 

HOT weather

COLD (or room temperature) food.



  1. Have you checked the calories on those McDonald's frappes? : - ) I love them, too, but have to ration them.

    1. Yes, I don't care. One now and then isn't going to hurt me and I love a big ole high calories treat to remind me how often I am good! :-)

  2. I had enough hot weather living in Florida. Moved to Ohio to get my seasons back. Not a problem til I hit 40. Now I want 68 degrees year round. I am so with you on the food...cold or room temp.

    Great post Jo!

    1. Thank you! The weather thing, people say all the time if you don't like the weather in Michigan wait 10 minutes, it'll change.

    2. Yes!! You know I'm from Michigan originally right? Born in Ann Arbor, lived in Milford, Brighton, Pinckney, Hamburg and Brighton (again) before heading to Florida when I was about 7 years old. I still go "home" to Michigan to visit my brother and my relatives. Heck, I probably have relatives in your neck of the woods!! HA HA. Seriously, I have family all over the state!! So yes, the weather does change on a dime there. It does so here in Ohio as well. One of these days I'm going to find that spot where it is always 68F-- LOL I can't wait!

  3. Wonderful take on the prompt Jo!!


  4. Lol, we're mirror opposites -- I can't stand hot weather. So happy when I can pull out the turtlenecks! And love hot foods!

    1. Well, it would be a very boring world if we all agreed on everything, right?
      And no one would live in the north if everyone agreed with me!

  5. Very nice take on my prompt Jo. I'm very particular about the temperature of my food, I want hot foods to be hot and cold foods to be cold. However, I'm finding that like you, I feel things like cheese, tomatoes and creamy dips/spreads have more flavor if they've been out of the fridge for an hour or so before serving.

    I do like living where we definitely have four seasons, but it's harder for my body to adjust to change as I get older. Good post.


    1. I love a piping hot bowl of soup and my pasta with sauce must be steaming with very warm, fresh from the oven HOT bread with either. I also love hot vegetables from the steamer still steamy. But the room temp foods I like are just because the flavor seems so much more intense to my taste buds.

      It was a fun post to do. Good prompt!

  6. Replies
    1. You do? I'm guessing you're talking being hot and cold?
      I'm happy hat and ornery cold. Sime!


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