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Thursday, October 25, 2012


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My life is filled with blessings today and I try never to forget that. I know that many people are living with heartache and sadness, facing losses and financial desperation and many people are alone. I am free of all of those things, today. I say today because one does not ever know what is around the next bend of life. Any moment all things can change and what was hopeless can become reality as quickly as what was contentment can become chaos.  So, I am thankful for this moment of peace and contentment.

The sources of my peace are first and foremost, my faith in God to provide all things. I know that all things are possible because I believe He will help me get there. I believe His will will be done and I will be given the strength to see my part through. Feeling safe and saved and loved is one of my most vital values. I value God and the trust I have in Him.

My days with Momma are certainly something I value. As she turned 90 last week and was under the weather, I reminded myself how much she adds to my life and the fact that she gave me life as well as, in this particular time of our lives, she is my daily reminder of what I am to my children. Regardless of all the other people in my every day living, Momma is the one person who will never not love me nor will she ever not want me in her life. That kind of unconditional love comes from a very few people and your parent may be your only source. I strive to be that source for my kids. I am grateful to be the recipient of that from my mother, as well.  I value my relationship with her and I value my time with her.

Being a parent is a gigantic and lifelong obligation to me. I won’t ever not be the mom, because I accepted that roll and take it seriously. I value the time I have with my kids and with their kids and I try to always be a positive example to all of them and the one voice of reason in their lives. I support them, but I also am honest with them. If they are wrong, I will say I think they are wrong, but I will add, but you have to live your life your way and if it works out, that’s wonderful and if it doesn’t, I’ll be here for you. I will not say, “I told you so.”  Even if I did.

I value my friends. I don’t often write about how much I love my real life and on line friends.  The ones I have never met and the ones I have known for years.  I have gotten very close to a lot of people on line and through their writings, I think I see a lot of internal things I might have missed in real life. I have only lost a couple of on line friends after getting close. One to death. One to misunderstanding. The rest have remained very close and very dear. The one I lost to misunderstanding still pulls at my heart and I miss her. I valued our talks and our connection. I may possibly have overestimated the importance of our friendship. It may have meant more to me than it meant to her. I have reached out for a new start, but so far, it’s unanswered. Politeness has replaced love.

I value very few material things, but one is my Keurig coffee maker. I love the freshly brewed cup at a time coffee with cream anytime of the day or night that coffee is needed. I do have an addiction to good coffee and the Keurig has answered my need for freshness and full flavor, European roasts every single time, one cup at a time.  Love it!  I value this easy to use enabling machine. I value being enabled in my coffee addiction.

Being a pet parent is another thing I value. The opportunity to raise furbabies in our home and be the recipient of unlimited kisses and cuddling is priceless. Only one of our furbabies is really a cuddler and the other one is more of a princess who prefers to be stroked and then left alone on her throne. Her throne, by the way, is wherever she decides she’d like to sit. It may be your lap or the seat you have chosen, but she will gently let you know by staring a hole in you, if that’s the case.

One more thing, I value my readers. I love that when I hit publish, someone out there in cyberspace will actually click on the link and read my words. I cannot tell you how much I love that.  When I get only 4 or 8 readers, I am so discouraged. Not because I NEED the readers, but because I wonder then if I have offended or disappointed. You have spoiled me and I value that!  Thank you, each and every one of you who take time from your busy lives to read this humble amateur writer’s offerings. You all make me want to be more.



  1. I had to laugh a little about your devotion to your coffee maker. :D


  2. We have many values in common, Family, Friends, Furbabies, readers... I just don't like coffee.

    Cheers, Jenn.

    1. I know and we also share something else, which I love about you, we both respect and understand each others pov and where we disagree, we just disagree. You don't talk down to me, I don't talk down to you. We discuss and walk away, still friends. Strong women often are incapable of doing this and I am so glad you and I can both do it, with class, I might add.


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